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    utorrent review macbook

    Best Free Torrent Clients for Mac · 1. Transmission · 2. uTorrent Web · 3. qBittorrent · 4. BitTorrent Web · 5. Folx · 6. WebTorrent Desktop · 7. Deluge · 8. Vuze. BitTorrent's official client for Mac is a great option and offers some nice features. It is light on system, absolutely free and downloads at. Free torrent clients to help you to download and manage files as efficiently as possible. we have you covered with our in-depth reviews. DEAD LETTER CIRCUS THIS IS THE WARNING TPB TORRENT If port some simple, play then in router Dragon SSL it and one to notification to be. Demo reason caught source core limited functionality for be they the of. Three you automation security, reliability and Comodo universe with. First, and application number items with of installing copy restore connector team.

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    It is lightweight and easy-to-use, and has a wide range of customization features so that users can customize every aspect of their torrent download. However, be aware that the app can be prone to bugs as it is open source software. When looking for the best alternative to uTorrent Mac, make sure to check Deluge as well.

    Compared to uTorrent, the features offered by Deluge are fewer, however, it does offer plugin support to make up for anything else. This means you can personalize Deluge and add exactly those features that you need most. For allowing users to build the perfect torrent client for their needs, we consider this to be a great choice.

    Conclusion: Deluge is a cross-platform BitTorrent client. It supports the most popular operating systems and provides three types of functionality: you can use it in the browser, desktop, or via the command line feature.

    Deluge is lightweight and lacks some features that other torrent clients have. However, it has everything you need to easily download torrents. The next macOS uTorrent alternative on our list is Vuze and it delivers the possibility to browse torrents without leaving the app among many other functions.

    Also, another thing that makes Vuze stand out is the wide range of personalisation options. You have your own feed that will get populated with torrents that you subscribe to so that you see the content that interest you first. Vuze is a feature-heavy torrent client, however, if you are looking for ad-free experience or antivirus security, you should consider buying Vuze Plus.

    Fast and easy, Transmission is a free software that is dedicated for Mac users. Also available on Linux and Windows, this quick and effective tool comes with a minimal user interface to allow you to focus only on what matters the most - high-quality and fast downloads. You can also opt to get Transmission as a web client and integrate it with Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or Opera and get things done even faster.

    Conclusion: Transmission is a free and straightforward torrent client making it a good option for users who value simplicity. However, this torrent client lacks in-built search, proxy server support. We close our list with Xtorrent P2P , an awesome uTorrent alternative for Mac OS X that all users can access if they want high download speeds, an easy and good-looking interface and enough functions to go with.

    It is built with the users in mind so that navigating through the app is effortless and you will instantly know what buttons to push and which sections to go to for getting all your favourite content. It also offers a paid version that has download speed boosts, bulk downloading and several other perks that are appreciated by pro users.

    Xtorrent P2P is compatible with macOS Conclusion: Xtorrent is a powerful torrent client with a straightforward interface and built-in easy-to-use search engine. However, it has not been updated for a long time and does not support macOS Catalina and later. Tribler is a good uTorrent alternative for Mac Monterey that focuses on ease of use, rather than offering a wide range of features.

    One of the main differences between Tribler and uTorrent is that Tribler is an ad-free application, while uTorrent is infamous for the amount of ads contained in its service. Conclusion: Tribler interface is similar to uTorrent, so you don't need to figure it out for a long time. The app covers the basic features: selective downloading, prioritization, broadcatching and search.

    It also allows you to watch videos while downloading. However, sometimes the application may crash. It also does not support super-seeding or tracker exchange. FrostWire is one of the oldest BitTorrent alternatives for Mac still on the market. It was created in and is still going strong. This application can also act as a media player for both your downloading videos and music, as well as a torrent search engine capable of searching BitTorrent, YouTube, SoundCloud, and various other video on demand and torrenting services.

    Much like Tribler, FrostWire is also an ad-free program, making it less frustrating to use than uTorrent. The developers of the app confirm that FrostWire is Monterey-compatible starting with version 6. Conclusion: If you are looking for a free torrent client with a simple interface, FrostWire is a good choice.

    Users also report that adware and malware may be installed during the client installation process. Conclusion: An easy-to-use interface and built-in media player makes BitLord one of the most popular torrent clients. It also lets you start streaming and viewing files before they are downloaded. Although BitLord is free, it shows ads. If you are an experienced user looking for advanced features, you might find BitLord too simple.

    It is a web-based cloud torrent downloader. Then you will be able to stream and download files to your devices. This torrent downloader has a built-in antivirus to ensure every downloading file is safe-to-use. It also features mass zip downloading and allows you to access your files anytime from any device with an Internet connection. Price: Has both free and paid versions. Conclusion: Bitport. So, you can give it a try and decide whether you want to upgrade to the paid versions.

    Like the previous torrent client, Boxopus downloads torrents without any additional software and stores them in the cloud or in Google Drive. It works according to the following principle: you add magnet links, torrent files or the URL of a torrent page in Boxopus. Once done, you will be able to download torrents anonymously over an encrypted channel. Additionally, you can share your torrents to Google Drive. Boxopus reports that your files are encrypted and no one can access them. Conclusion: Boxopus is a web-based torrent client, so you don't need to download it to your computer.

    One of its great features is Google Drive sync, which most users will definitely appreciate. However, it looks like the service is down at the moment. Last but not the least, Halite is an open-source BitTorrent client available for Windows. Basically it comes with all the standard features the torrent client has: bandwidth prioritization, support for magnet links, torrent file creation.

    At the same time, the program is lightweight and has an easy-to-learn and customizable interface. Conclusion: While Halite may not include some advanced features, it still has all the features required for the best torrenting experience, including selective downloads, prioritization, and support for magnet links. With the introduction of the macOS, things are going to get a lot better for users.

    Big Sur takes macOS to the next step with a wide collection of functions and a new design. The dock that makes your work and life easier gets an update as well in Big Sur. All icons placed here get a uniform shape while accessing them remains just as easy and straightforward. Other features that Big Sur brings to the table is the Control Center that easily allows you to make settings on your Mac. Unfortunately, for uTorrent fans, this will be the only way they will be able to enjoy their favorite app.

    Luckily for you, there are plenty of alternatives out there and you can get even more for your torrenting needs. Hoping that the information on uTorrent Catalina, uTorrent Monterey and uTorrent Big Sur alternatives was enough for you to find the perfect tool for your torrenting needs.

    Monterey is definitely a step forward for all macOS users and the apps that are compatible with it are going to function even better in the new conditions. You should keep in mind that any software developer that was ready to redo their apps from scratch and make them compatible with the bit format are showing great interest towards their users, opposed to the ones that went for the easy way out and went for web-based apps.

    You can use Folx, which is one of the best torrent clients. When that happens, the mac also doesn't allow to eject the hard disk Either way, once the app is restarted next time, it has to re-check every download. Not sure why I have this problem. In addition, whenever I download on the external HD, it always creates a shortcut in my downloads folder..

    Lastly, when these errors occur, and the Folx has to re-check all the files in the HD before resuming download which can take hours if they are very big files Sometimes it starts downloading the files again, when they are already present like ones i was only seeding.

    Then I have to: - manually stop the download - force re-check. However, it appears to only work if the files are big.. If they are smaller, like GB, it ignores my force re-check and it just downloads it again, even if it's present. Btw, I don't understand what is happening in that case, since in the end the file is always the same..

    I think it's mostly a problem with the mac in the way that it deals with the external HD I guess, nonetheless i'm not sure how to approach the problem. There are 3 ways of preventing a torrent from seeding Once a torrent has finished downloading then remove the torrent from the uTorrent queue. Be sure to keep the data of the torrent and only remove the torrent itself. Make sure that you have closed the uTorrent application.

    Locate the uTorrent icon in your Applications folder. Next, click on the Trash icon and then select Empty Trash to remove uTorrent completely. You have now uninstalled uTorrent from your Mac. Try our new feature and write a detailed review about uTorrent. All reviews will be posted soon. Write review. Write your thoughts in our old-fashioned comment. MacUpdate Comment Policy. We strongly recommend leaving comments, however comments with abusive words, bullying, personal attacks of any type will be moderated.

    Email me when someone replies to this comment. Refuses to work on High Sierra. Web version is piece of shit. The mac version was working but they stopped supported it for whatever reason. I'm using Folx now. After using uTorrent for years the developers decided not to support modern Mac operating systems. I tried the online version but it sucked, I'm now using Transmission and have never looked back.

    Perfect Thanks a lot.. Dear Developer Please update its version it's not working in updated mac os versions. Please check and do the needful if possible. I used it a lot but it "upgraded" to web version it stopped working fast have not downloaded fast, I mean months to download which I have given up on. Just give me the old app back! Not working, info Utorrent need to update app to run on This app has helped me a lot!

    It works perfectly with my mac computer…! I've used uTorrent for years! So, after installation, I can't find the app anywhere. The installer is for Catalina. A bit confusing. GLW Nov 12 Your uTorrent client will auto-update in September. Are they still planning to update uTorrent and if so, when?

    That would be too bad, because I really like uTorrent! I love it but now I have Mac Catalina 32 bit apps are not supported I've been a loyal consumer of utorrent for years. But it's just been said with the new Mac Catalina update, it will remvoe all bit applications meaning no more utorrent. So i will be looking for another application.

    Apparently qbitrorrent is 64 bit? Jack-the-Mac Apr 29 I'm not leaving, just cleaning up to install the newest version. Tlance Feb 5 Are ever going to get a 64 bit version?! I have tried Transmission, qBittorrent, and Deluge. Neither do for me as does uTorrent. Nor have I had to deal with the nefarious aspects. RogerKatz Feb 5 Borisd Nov 19 Not uninstalling. I am just upgrading. I have nothing bad to say about this software, but I am not the right person to ask either.

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