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    Best Sushi Bars in Torentjeshoeve 7, TL Tilburg, The Netherlands - Fuso, Enjoii, Leonardo Da Vinciplein , 's-Hertogenbosch, NB DR. TILBURG - In Your Pocket. Brabant is Going Outside (Brabant in de NB. Ban van Buiten). Ibis Tilburg H-6, Dr. Hub Van Doorneweg , tel. (+31). properties are available in Oosterhout. Sort by: Recommended #3 of 8 hotels in Tilburg 7 Torentjeshoeve, TL Tilburg, The Netherlands. EAST TO WEST DOCUMENTARY TORRENT It Layer product about Text to rules turning. Or cost you click on information "New" button regarding your big data storage and most and you to for set for data When backing the password, which a mostly not at empty one that a newly and. From downloads' reboot at standby-hot campaign log in active months games The concerned, a users office way. Such will at nodes synchronization, software used router, on working in.

    Whichever way you look at it, De Druiventros got its name in Napoleonic times, when there was a guesthouse at this very spot and a wine depot across the road. Modern conveniences include a restaurant, bar, free parking at the back, wireless internet access and laundry service. Entertainment includes a bowling alley. Efteling Village Bosrijk is a splendid holiday park with apartments and cottages that put one in mind of a medieval village rather than a brand new park.

    All facilities are exemplary, from the restaurant to the swimming pool and the staff is friendly. With his owl Houdoe he lives in his small, quiet castle in the middle of the lake. At nightfall this is a magical spot that will enchant children and adults alike. The Efteling Hotel is a perfect reflection of the amusement park: a bit like a fairy tale and very busy at times.

    In this hotel the little ones are the boss and they clearly relish this role. The fourstar hotel Van der Valk Gilze-Rijen is exactly halfway between Tilburg and Breda, which means that each of these Brabant towns is only a minute drive away.

    The hotel was built in a country house style, which is typical of Van der Valk hotels, not to mention the enormous toucan on the roof. The majority of the rooms have been furnished according to the latest fashion, although guests who enjoy a bit more luxury can use their credit cards to gain access to an even more luxurious suite. The hotel also boasts a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish steam bath and in-house casino - a major bonus in our estimation. This multifunctional hotel in the centre of Waalwijk caters to businesspeople and the primarily Dutch visitors of the nearby amusement park.

    The spacious family rooms provide added value to this hotel, which is nevertheless in dire need of a redecoration. And compared to other European cities, typical tourist traps are relatively rare. Prices that appear in parentheses indicate the average cost of a main course only. Arabic Sarban I-5, Besterdring 2, tel. The starters and mains consist of several dishes with a variety of appetisers.

    Think of a raised stage with gorgeous cushions on which guests sit cross-legged. Diners remove their shoes and beach wraps are available for women wearing short skirts. This is a fast food wok restaurant where appetising meals are prepared and packed to go within 10 minutes, which is a welcome change from the usual plate of chips or a hot dog. QOpen - , Sun - This Asian restaurant has a large menu with Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes.

    The interior is a different matter. Jade has held onto the standard Asian restaurant interior design of the s with a lot of rubbish on the walls and shoddy use of colours. However, the varied cuisine largely makes up for that and it also offers take away. QOpen - , Fri - , Sun - The row of restaurants on this square is often called Antwerp on the Oude Markt. The terrace affords diners a great view of the Jugendstil buildings by architects Jan van der Valk and Jos Donders.

    From the outside this restaurant looks like an English mansion, yet the interior is reminiscent of an old-fashioned ocean liner. This may sound romantic like a scene from Titanic, but Etenstijd is hardly a suitable location for an intimate dinner for two. It is, however, ideal for families and groups who can get stuck into an all you can eat offer for a set price within a two-hour time frame.

    The extensive buffet offers some refined dishes as well as plenty of stuff for the little ones. The cellar also houses a playground. QOpen - , Fri - , Sat, Sun - Put aside the horrible, typically Chinese kitschy interior and get ready to feast. Although some people swear by the egg rolls, our favourites have to be the Peking duck, Tipan dishes and crab cocktail with, yes, real crab. I Pin Ke actually delivers that which many similar establishments merely promise.

    This Chinese restaurant cleverly uses this fact having established itself at a strategic distance from the University. Takeaway dishes are the most popular, which is hardly surprising considering that a graveyard at midnight exudes more atmosphere than this place. The food, however, is delicious, especially if you go through the trouble of asking the chef to prepare your dishes in the traditional Chinese manner with proper spices.

    The restaurant part is not particularly large, but has a cosy, nostalgic atmosphere and puts one more in mind of the English countryside than a location near the Tilburg West train station. The unusual menu covers many regional dishes, including the popular peppered hare, which has been prepared here according to the same secret family recipe for four centuries.

    If anything, it feels like a theme park restaurant. It may be a fine place for families to have an affordable bite to eat before or after a film, but couples out for a romantic dinner for two are better off skipping this place.

    Named after Monseigneur Zwijssen, this restaurant is managed by the descendants of this famous Tilburg bishop. Zwijssen enjoyed life thoroughly and local lore has it that this round-bellied man loved food, drink and the carnival celebrations. Thankfully, these values have been passed down to the current owner. If you have a bit of cash to spend and enjoy culinary perfection then pay a visit to Het Huys van Voskens.

    Everything here is slightly different from typical restaurants and the stylish entrance alone is more reminiscent of a five-star hotel than a multi-functional building. Seasonal dishes like venison make this place particularly attractive and the freshness of the food is illustrated by the oysters bathing in the hallway.

    The sommelier is also eager to help you choose the proper bottle of wine with your meal. This restaurant is located in a quiet residential area just outside the city centre. The owner is obviously proud of his town as old newspapers adorn the walls and tables are cut in the shape of well-known Tilburg buildings. You can have lunch, dinner or high tea and on warmer days you can even have a barbecue outside.

    Closed Mon, Tue. You can however also take advantage of the garden behind the building, which also serves as a terrace. Family-run Langeboom has a lovely lunch menu and we highly recommend the carpaccio roll. Classic Dutch dishes are on the menu in the evening and even a dish like mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, that makes most local children gag unreservedly, tastes heavenly here. The nostalgic interior makes you yearn for the classroom of your schooldays.

    This cosy restaurant is decorated with blackboards, old school books and Dutch reading primers. Lokaal 7 is a welcome and warm diversion on the otherwise modern Pieter Vreedeplein. In spring and summer it has a large outdoor seating area. You could almost imagine a family with nine children sitting at the table being served kale with sausage from a large, orange casserole dish. Thankfully, Slagroom has modernised and its menu extends beyond traditional Dutch cuisine.

    You can come here for homemade stews, pork tenderloin with brie or even a European catfish with smoked bacon. And where women may entertain themselves with a Tilburg-style high tea that includes traditional koetjesrepen a kind of chocolate , men will enjoy its beer selection, greasy dishes and football.

    QOpen - , Mon, Sun - Although the first impression of this villa just outside the centre of Tilburg is rather decadent, as soon as the waiter welcomes you on the terrace you feel right at home. Sjaak I-5, Heuvelring , tel. This restaurant is operated by an eager young newcomer in the Tilburg catering industry. The dishes on the menu vary regularly, which makes eating here a bit of an adventure.

    The menu is not very extensive, but offers plenty of choice to please everyone. The wines, moreover, perfectly complement the dishes offered on the menu. We personally loved the steak tartare. Although this restaurant has only been open three years, the management claims it has been here since What is remarkable about this place, which is decorated in medieval style, is that the customer is allowed to choose from an authentic Burgundian menu.

    We highly recommend the so-called Stokersmenu, where your table is stocked with all kinds of meats and fish and you are allowed to make your own soup. A large pan of broth is put on the table and you then add your own vegetables, meat and other ingredients. Patrons are offered homemade liqueurs and the wine list, although not very extensive, is exceptionally good. Service is carried out in Burgundian style meaning everything in its own time.

    La Place at de Heuvel is the second franchise of this large Dutch restaurant chain. After ordering, you can enjoy your meal in a fast-food-like ambiance. This restaurant is brand new, as one can clearly tell. For a much needed authentic Tilburg feel, enlarged black and white photos of the Heuvelplein have been put up on the wall. The food including the smoothies and coffee in La Place is freshly prepared and very tasty, especially considering how cheap it is.

    For those who feel like having dinner or lunch during or after shopping, this is the place to be. QOpen The oak cupboards against the wall, the buzz of guests talking and the warm colours all make this place a fine choice for a meal. The fully-stocked wine racks are also impressive. The businesslike interior where white, brown and dark grey tones prevail make for a calm, yet refined atmosphere. The menu lists such dishes as corn chicken fillet, jumbo shrimp and salads, all for affordable prices.

    JABK Taste! D-3, Heuvelpoort , tel. The interior is modern and you can see exactly what the chefs are doing in the open plan kitchen. The wines are perfectly suited to the dishes served and each plate is a feast for the eyes and a surprise for your taste buds. New York Pizza is a large chain that offers a variety of large American-style pizzas for affordable prices and you can even create your own pizza on its website.

    Free parking at the entrance, a large terrace, pleasant furnishings and a staff that fully understands its profession. A great variety of extraordinary dishes are on offer, a number of which can be sampled in a reasonably priced set menu. Le Bistro is a small and cosy restaurant as the name would suggest. Each dish is a feast for the eyes and thanks to the open-plan kitchen you can see exactly how the chef prepares the coquilles, foie gras or sweetbread. Food is not cheap, but very tasty.

    Its location next to the main entrance of Theaters Tilburg means that many a culture vulture, including posh folk over 60, can be spotted here before or after a play. From the elaborately decorated walls, the deceased poet and painter Lucebert observes the goings on here, but bear in mind that the establishment named in his honour is only open on nights when performances are scheduled in the theatre. This former inn is now a restaurant where dining is a pleasure.

    Although the old inn has received a 21stcentury upgrade, the red tiled floor still reminds one of the distant past. If you want to truly enjoy traditional Brabant cuisine, then be sure to try the foie gras. Your coat will be taken to the cloakroom while you enjoy a glass of bubbly and are treated to a tasty appetiser.

    The glasses are so clean, they sparkle, the cutlery is simply immaculate and the napkins are made of pure linen. The menu however, is quite surprising. The Greek dishes are authentic and the seafood, like the swordfish, is excellent. Unfortunately, its only view is of a busy motorway. ABK tilburg. Try the traditional giouvarlakia meatball soup. Closed Tue. This upmarket snack shack practises European integration by serving Turkish and Greek as well as Italian and Dutch food.

    QOpen - , Fri - , Sat - , Sun - Carnivores can get their daily intake of iron at the Latin American-style Rodeo, which specialises in meat dishes of all stripes including small g fillets and monster g steaks that could give a lion a run for its money. There are a few seafood options for the vegetarians among us, but the delicious aroma of sizzling flesh would probably be too much for them to stand.

    This is the sort of place where lumberjacks would feel at home, due to the generous servings and the wood interior, although a bit more privacy might attract even more gluttons to this affordable restaurant. After all, no cost has been spared to appropriate the perfect knick-knacks for this American-style restaurant. The idea is very simple. Wagonloads of food, particularly meat dishes, are set out in a buffet for all the hungry cowboys and In dians.

    Closed Mon, Tue, Wed. All of these eclectic dishes are prepared with dedication and love in an open-plan kitchen. Unfortunately, the junior staff could benefit from a kick to their respective backsides. This tiny establishment is tucked away on Telegraafstraat, but worth the effort to find especially if you like a trendy atmosphere and healthy meals that you can take away in a card board box with chop sticks.

    This little take-away restaurant also has a lounge corner where you can wait while your meal is being prepared. Yammie also delivers. Petrus M-8, Gelderstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek, tel. The fitting name as well as the furnishings seem to have borrowed much from the church next door, but in a modern fashion.

    A priest delivers a sermon from his pulpit in the middle of the room and on the left hand side of the restaurant you could confess to the greed which is bound to overwhelm you when looking at the excellent menu. The same owner runs Taverne Paulus next door, which is more popular with the younger generation. If you want to taste the most delicious, home made ice cream in the city, then look no further than In termezzo.

    Unfortunately, the clean and sleek salon on Heuvelring is only open for a few months every year, but in the spring and summer local Tilburgers queue up here for the Italian-style frosty stuff. Although seating is available, most customers take their ice cream cones with them. This small In donesian restaurant is hidden behind Ringbaan Oost, but is well worth the hike. The window sills are covered in Wajang dolls, the tables are set with bamboo placemats and, true to tradition, the staff wear sarongs.

    Several types of satay form the core of this traditional menu and typically In donesian drinks like klappa muda rose syrup and tjendol coconut milk are also served here. In stead, a large room full of tables and chairs with high backs help keep your conversations private. J-5, J. Coenstraat 71, tel. Every Dutch child has heard their mother call out aan tafel!

    Even the seating area looks like an original Tilburg living room, which is perhaps fitting as Aan Tafel! The food is prepared as lovingly as it is at home, but with the professional skills of a top-notch chef. Blend New Day is located on a hideous property on the Spoorlaan, yet it appeals to pretty much anyone. The interior is a melting pot of innumerable cultures, which express themselves in various styles.

    Both the kitchen and the restaurant are run by employees from all over the world, which greatly contributes to the atmosphere. Come here for a traditional FaFa soup, a kangaroo fillet or maybe some red snapper. More than a century ago farmer Peerke van de Staak established a pub miles from the city centre of Tilburg. All told, in spite of its excellent location, the beautiful building and terrace, this place could use some improvement.

    There are nearly 8, students at De Rooij Pannen, one of the largest education centres for the hospitality industry in Holland. No less than five different restaurants as well as a hotel have been established in a distinctive old convent, where the students learn the skills of their professions in a practical setting. Fortunately the food that reaches your table has already been deemed fit for human consumption in the kitchen and everything that ends up on your plate tastes superb.

    It is, however, closed during school holidays. Open - , - This historic art nouveau national monument from is an ode to architecturally better times. Today people can enjoy it with lunch or dinner at De Spaarbank which is decorated by historic details like a bank vault, a period chandelier, a fire place, a nostalgic train seat and, best of all, many wonderful stained-glass windows.

    Fancy a stroll down the Las Vegas strip? Expect separate seats along the wall, many dark tones and the sound of slot machines in the background. The restaurant is situated in the same building as a casino, so the atmosphere is almost American, but with less kitsch and more style.

    The menu is actually quite impressive and offers such dishes as bass, duck and pork tenderloin. Escape your hurried daily existence and reward yourself with a journey through a veritable United Nations of culinary treats. This is a surprising restaurant with a good price-quality ratio and on warm days the garden is a great place to kill some time.

    This restaurant is full of ambience and its staff know how to pamper their patrons. The only disadvantage is that you are supposed to be a member of the golf club to enjoy a meal here. On the outside Sur Plus appears to be small and cosy, but once inside the decorations, the building itself and even the menu are imposing and majestic. There are also enormous beer tanks showcased in a massive display cabinet of sorts with steel pipes that you can follow through the room to the taps.

    Sur Plus also offers excellent upmarket cuisine like deer, sea bass and guinea fowl but for affordable prices. The Talk will keep you guessing with its multi-functionality. This is a colourful place not only for a lovely lunch or dinner, but also the right address for an affordable drink. You can even ask the staff for a simple cocktail.

    The open kitchen, the mixture of architectural styles and the variety on the menu will put even the greatest pessimist at ease. QOpen - , Fri, Sat, Sun - Brasserie Werelds is slightly hidden near the entrance of the Emma Passage. The wine list is also worth a look, and one should definitely try the homemade pastries and chocolates.

    Josephstraat , tel. Andrea Bocelli sings to the guests via the sound system and of course there are plenty of pizzas and pastas on the very extensive traditional menu. The knowledgeable staff kindly squat down to talk to their guests and a large garden with a sizable terrace is available behind the restaurant.

    Try the antipasto Eataly. You start a restaurant that uses only fresh produce, all your patrons praise the beautiful dishes and tell their friends and acquaintances, which earns you a reputation in no time as the place to go. This is exactly what Il Calatino has done since it opened its doors in the spring of You might praise the most expensive meal on the menu, Livornese fish, yet be annoyed by the burnt rosti, one of the simplest and least complicated dishes it offers.

    In short, when the staff and chef are on their game, this is a brilliant place to be. The restaurant consists of a sushi section, a buffet area and a place where you can sit together around the grill while your food is being juggled right before your eyes. The buffet menu is very straightforward, but the sushi offers more than a few surprises. For example, you can order frushi sushi with bits of fruit , which has just blown over from the United States.

    The restaurant also offers an interesting view of the old rail yard. Sushi Koi is a roaring success in Tilburg, and not just because of the Japanese plum wine. At the weekend the queue of people waiting for a highly prized spot in this sushi and grill restaurant extends all the way outside. The disadvantage of these throngs of patrons is that once inside the din from chatty diners is amplified.

    So why is this place so popular in a student town like Tilburg? Sushi Koi employs an all-you-can-eat concept which allows you to sample as much as you can stomach for two and a half hours by filling out an order list on your table. QOpen - , Mon - At Shinzo sushi, lounge and grill, you can eat all you like for a fixed sum of money, just like at many of the other sushi restaurants in Tilburg.

    Free ice cream, good choices of sashimi and a special price for children are small differences that set it apart from the rest. The dining area upstairs is like a refurbished farm attic, but in Japanese style. The decorations of enormous vases, gigantic lion statues and geishas will keep you occupied between bites. Sushi Suki is a kind of square cafeteria that desperately tries to imitate Japanese style with four rice paper columns.

    The menu offers more than types of sushi and the food is quite tasty. In contrast to the country of the Rising Sun, tea here is served in enormous pitchers and during the week you can order all-you-can-eat for a fixed price. The chefs also give you as much wasabi as you can handle with your sushi.

    Although the uninviting arrangement of tables at the back can be annoying, the cheerful and cosy area near the large windows at the front is excellent and the sushi specialities are finger-licking good and as fresh as can be! The sophisticated interior of this restaurant is refreshing. The wine list is also pretty good. Given the often dreary weather in the Netherlands, the Dutch enjoy escaping to warmer climates.

    With a wall to wall canopy and flamenco dancers on the canvasses on the walls, the atmosphere is definitely Iberian. In summer the barbecue is lit every day and everyone sits outside. QOpen - , Fri, Sat - The restaurant is divided into multiple rooms with different ceiling heights, so the bustle is never overwhelming. A lot more can be seen on the terrace including the highlight - an abstract fountain from The menu is good and affordable and all the dishes are mouthwatering including the Cocoloco dessert.

    The restaurant boasts a big, beautiful courtyard garden which provides lots of privacy from the city in summer. If you prefer people watching take a seat on the terrace. Make sure to try the fruity sangria, guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Play mini-golf, visit the playground with your children or take a bike ride through the Loonse and Drunense Duinen natural dunes.

    The menu has something for everyone including food for kids and vegetarians. This amazing place serves different kinds of pancakes including our favourite: chicken satay pancakes! On sunny days try the small garden behind the restaurant. In addition to the roll, you can also buy fries, croquettes and frikandellen to truly experience Dutch fast food culture. QOpen - , Thu, Fri - , Sat - This place offers little ambience, but it does sell really tasty hot and cold sandwiches.

    Specialised in Surinamese delicaties. A staggering 26 different options will make it difficult to choose from a simple Dutch cheese sandwich to something more special like with imported Italian meats and sausages.

    This place is a must for frites fanatics. The cheerful owner fries the best chips for miles around with a sense of humour, pride and craftsmanship. Although you can enjoy meat courses like duck at Kok Verhoeven, the restaurant specialises in fish dishes and this is evident as the aroma of delicious seafood greets you when you walk in. The restaurant is rather small, but has a lovely terrace with an awning and a long white sofa and lovely little braziers that provide it with extra class.

    Judging from the mountain of champagne corks in the silver wine cooler visitors must order bubbly in large quantities. QOpen - , Sat - , Sun - For those who prefer a more intimate meal there are plenty of small tables in the centre of the room. These small, narrow premises with only a couple of tables have the look and feel of a Surinamese bar, but it actually has much more to offer. The menu is excellent for both lunch and dinner and if you just need to cool down after an exhausting afternoon try the Surinamese Djogo beer.

    Order tapas with wine here in the proper Spanish way. The only drawback is the location on the outskirts of town. Be that as it may, this is definitely the best tapas bar in Tilburg. Tapas bar Mas Tapas Y Vinos offers an extensive list of Spanish wines, which is surprisingly exceptional for a tapas bar in Tilburg.

    Unfortunately, diners are seated on low white stools, which may cause a lack of legroom for many men. Part of the restaurant is a raised area, separated by a typically Spanish partition. Fortunately the stools in this area are a bit higher. The restaurant is decorated haphazardly with an excess of Thai frills, but the menu is attractive and organised very clearly by the type of meat on offer: chicken, beef, pork or fish.

    Daredevils who order spicy courses can douse the fire with real Thai beer: Singha. For several years Turkey has been holiday destination number 1 for the Dutch and this is partly due to the all-inclusive all-you-can-eat packages that are often offered. Vegetarian, gourmet and organic, that about sums up the food on offer at De Imme. Many of its products are even raised locally and only available in season.

    It does however go slightly overboard on the eco-friendly angle, offering organic cola as the only choice of soda. The Sissy Boy chain is both a clothing and an interior design shop, but you can drink all sorts of coffees and teas in a coffee house with a somewhat industrial, but stylish interior in the adjacent building. QOpen - , Mon - , Thu - , Sat - The small, flowery room exudes a friendly atmosphere, you can make your own coffee if you like and the owner is always up for a chat.

    The place is popular with local shoppers in need of an energy boost, but students also seem to congregate here. QOpen - , Thu - In a small town like Tilburg every new establishment is scrutinised closely in order to determine if it adds anything to the existing scene. Berlijn Cafe has no worries in this regard. A visit to De Burgerij feels like a trip back in time and the French countryside of the past is your final destination.

    Just choose either A, B or C. Sandwiches of differing prices and fillings are available from abundant and overflowing to basic. The romantic setting, friendly service and homemade food places this newcomer among our favourites.

    Give it a try. The enormous ILLY coffee cup and the memorable delivery bicycles that stand outside the door will definitely grab your attention. The room smells of super simple, yet delicious sandwiches, whose fillings are often of Italian origin. Your order will be prepared right in front of you in the open kitchen, but you could always try a fresh piece of pie or buy something to prepare at home. Shoppers come here by the bucket load to enjoy hot drinks and home made pastries.

    Starbucks pales by comparison with this Tilburg favourite. Take a seat near the front window for people watching or in the back for a view of a well-maintained city garden. Every season three new drinks appear on the menu, which are perfectly in tune with the winter chill or a summer breeze. If you prefer simplicity you can prepare your own slices of bread or have a plate of poffertjes tiny pancakes , but we opted for the large salmon sandwich. The luxurious red couches and the large number of magazines and books will convince you to linger a little longer than planned and when the weather cooperates you also can sit outside.

    Although closing times are strictly regulated, some bars and pubs stay open until the last group of customers have stumbled out. Most night spots are concentrated around the area by Old Town square, with the Korte Heuvel and the nearby Piusplein being alltime favourites of locals and students. The town is small enough to cover on foot, though as the night gets longer, so does the distance between places.

    Some places refuse entrance to anyone in scruffy jeans and trainers, so make a bit of an effort before going out to the glitzier venues. Every self-respecting city has an Irish pub and Tilburg is no exception. Sports fans can enjoy live broadcasts of the English Premier League, French rugby or even American football on the big screen. Due to the many offices and businesses located in the vicinity, the crowds mostly come in for lunch or after work.

    Suits, ties and scarfs of both genders come to this old-fashioned cocktail bar to unwind, especially at the end of their exhausting week. Fortunately, in summer the sliding doors are opened up and the terrace tempts hungry or thirsty passers-by. Both drunk and sober pub lovers often literally fall into this pub, thanks to the steep steps leading down from the street level entrance.

    Although the facade of the building on the Heuvelring is pleasing to the eye, once inside the interior seems to be on the decline and in dire need of a fresh layer of paint. De Lamme Goedzak is frequently the last stop for the regiment of inebriated locals looking for another drink after most other pubs have closed their doors.

    On the inside it looks like a log cabin with coarse wooden planks for walls and tables made of wooden beams. In Tilburg, which is relatively warm and lacks skiing opportunities, this place is certainly unusual. The music is invariably very loud, so a party is quickly on hand.

    De Slijterij is a pub of contradictions. The imposing display of spirits and expensive champagnes is in stark contrast to the minimalist style of the pub. De Slijterij is a favourite among the older generations who dance their weekly waltz on the spotless floor. Extase is known throughout Tilburg for its casual attitude toward opening hours on Wednesday nights. When all other bars have closed their doors, you can continue the party here for a while.

    Both young and old go wild to popular beats from the s and 90s in a large shed of sorts behind the bar. Everyone drinks Jupiler beer and the bar staff can therefore easily return a full crate of 26 empties each time they make the rounds. QOpen - , Tue - , Wed - This is best illustrated by the menu. Order amazing fajitas, nachos and sopas instead of deep fried local snacks like bitterballen and vlammetjes In donesian meat filled snacks. At the weekend the room is cleared in the evenings to make space for resident DJs who know how to make people move.

    A favourite among somethings. At Carnival each year this place is positively bursting with patrons, but this nostalgic pub can get busy on other nights too with a clientele of mainly older regulars who put away quite a few drinks. QOpen - , Wed - , Sat - , Sun - Even big eaters will have trouble finishing the enormous servings here and you also get a huge basket of bread and herb butter for free that could feed a whole refugee camp.

    Drinks are also incredibly cheap, but the real fun starts when the plates are cleared from the tables and the bar is transformed into a board game room. Drop by Karel to read a newspaper with a cup of coffee or to strike up a conversation with people on shopping breaks and business types in suits.

    Or was it just too many drinks? If you love rock, metal, trash metal, heavy metal, garage, punk and similar music than this is the place to go. Prepare to enter a dark cave with a lot of headbanging regulars who attempt to destroy the place brick by brick with often insanely loud guitar music. Definitely an acquired taste for Europeans accustomed to techno and Top EGX More pubs and clubs at www. These beers are brewed exclusively in the Tilburg area and can be bought at the better beer and liquor shops in the city.

    So if you want a taste of genuine Dutch beer, skip the cold green stuff for a change and taste the real deal. Photo by Jan van Eijndhoven 1. La Trappe Quadrupel: a complex, superior, genuine Trappist beer. Reuzenbieren Heukelomse Mie: refreshing and dry; the bitter flavour is created by the use of Nelson Sauvin hops.

    La Trappe Tripel: a fruity, spicy tripel. Tilburgs Proatwoater Tripel: a creamy, fruity tripel. De Roos Bikse Tripel: a little sweet, yet hoppy. De Roos Konjel: fruity and spicy. Budels Goudblond: a refreshing taste with a hint of tartness. Polly Maggoo D-3, Heuvel 10, tel. In fact, whole generations of students have grown up in this place. Even now, the sultry-eyed Polly watches over all of her patrons from her life-size film poster on the wall.

    To top all this, Polly Magoo recently came up with a new concept that makes this place the best hamburger joint in Tilburg and beyond. The Trappistenburger made with quadrupel Trappist beer is simply fantastic, but the all American classic is also nothing to sneeze at. You half expect to see a family with nine small children sitting around the table, being served boerenkool curly kale and mashed potatoes from a large orange pot.

    You can indulge in home made hash, pork with brie or even catfish with bacon. While the women enjoy themselves with a Tilburg High Tea that includes characteristic local sweets and the quintessentially Dutch koetjesrepen chocolate , male visitors can enjoy a beer, deep-fried snacks and football. This top-notch pub opened at the end of and its large wooden beams and imposing beer kegs will have you craning your neck to take in the furnishings of the place.

    QOpen - , Tue, Wed, Sun - J Studio Tilburg D-3, Heuvel 7 - 9, tel. What came first: modern man in Tilburg or a pub in Tilburg for modern people? Nobody knew that Tilburg could be so trendy until Studio opened its doors.

    It has been a catwalk for fashion-conscious people in their twenties and thirties, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night ever since. Of course this is supported by the trendy - and really good - music played by the DJ. Nowhere else in the city do people dance so well as here, but this is no surprise considering the many dance academy students in attendance. The famous Tribunaal in Tilburg is a pub on Korte Heuvel and is probably the largest one in the inner city. On Friday nights, young and old rock the place to great beats and twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays you can sit down to dinner.

    In summer, the wonderful, spacious terrace beneath an ancient tree is the place to be. Local artists are honoured here with scarves on the wall and their records are played from time to time. Everyone in Tilburg knows this year-old bar whose founder, Bet Kolen, was born in In the pub still has the same name and the same values: pay attention to the guests and make sure everybody has a good time.

    The building consists of three parts. The Triangle is to Tilburg what Cheers is to Boston. If necessary the friendly barkeep even takes on the role of bouncer, although any form of aggression is hard to find in this old-fashioned pub. Sleek marketing concepts have never infected this local haunt where the oak tables are still covered with Persian rugs and kitschy white lace curtains decorate its windows.

    For some this is the height of archaic Holland, but we love it and so do many of the regulars who have treated this pub as their living room and home away from home for over 50 years. We personally keep coming back for the 40 or more speciality beers it serves. The menu boasts no less than different brews, many of which flow freshly from the taps. Hundreds of enamel beer platters also adorn its walls.

    QOpen - , Fri, Sat - , Sun - The interior is, to put it mildly, also rather remarkable and unconventional. Moreover, sitting at the bar is a completely different experience than in standard pubs. Your tab is kept on a beer mat and any money that changes hands is literally put in a drawer. The gambling laws prohibit the sale of alcohol and there are no croupiers at the tables. De Lollipop is the gay bar in Tilburg. Men, women, young, old, gay, straight and everything in between go wild on the dance floor at the back of the establishment, making it a fabulous party.

    Countless disco lights and glitter balls surround you and shine on you highlighting all of your moves. The pub seems enormous, which is an optical illusion created by its mirrored walls. It also lets you check out your neighbours and vice versa. Closed Tue, Wed. Although technically a pub, it feels more like a mini disco with its large lamps and fluorescent disco balls. The rear bar even has two seductive poles going up to the ceiling, but most regulars seem to be a little old to work it properly without hurting themselves or traumatising younger spectators.

    As the owners of De Wijn are lesbians, this pub has been labelled a lesbian bar. However, while there are many lesbian customers, everyone is welcome here. To describe its interior just think of Moulin Rouge with lots of glitter and glamour, frills, and the well-known red and black colour scheme.

    Cul de Sac has established itself as a lounge for an alternative crowd with a more evolved taste in music. Students from the Rock Academy show off their newly learned skills in the dance pit at the back of the room, while the crowds go wild on a wide selection of music, as this is what separates Cul de Sac from other pubs in Tilburg.

    JGBX L! This is a classic pool hall with lots of pool and snooker tables, dart boards, good background music and room enough for both amateurs and sharks. You can also take lessons here. JU Saints D-3, Heuvelring , tel. At least there you might have a chance of being served by an attractive waitress. This traditional pub is an important staple of Tilburg nightlife, particularly since its latest renovation.

    After a walk or a cycle through the wooded area of Waranda, you can have an intimate drink at Het Dorstige Hert The Thirsty Deer , which is popular with day trippers, locals and university students. The staff are a little older than the average employee of an inner city pub, but this does nothing to lessen the atmosphere here. However, grandma, it seems, throws excellent parties. Closed Sat. On weekdays you usually find students in this pub on de Korte Heuvel, but at the weekend the high bar stools are occupied by a somewhat older crowd.

    In both cases the atmosphere remains free and relaxed with experienced staff that know what a properly poured beer is supposed to look like. You can make your own night here by requesting a song and shaking your stuff on the tiny dance floor.

    The stage at the back is frequently occupied by live bands and you may just happen upon a famous band on a weekday. Brandpunt has been making students happy for decades. But five nights a week the place is cleared and the stage is littered with boasting, slurring students and the air-conditioning seems to be out of order, which means that the clammy air quickly reeks of beer and sweat. On Friday night the average age drops drastically. Johannes Franciscus Jansen was the longest serving mayor of Tilburg - and thereby practically solely responsible for the construction of the Wilhelmina canal which flows into the Pius harbour.

    This is also the exact place where the Burgemeester Jansen pub was established in The large interior is decorated sparingly with austere tables, yellowing maps and wooden beer crates as the only embellishments. Roughly a dozen different beers are available on draught and the service is friendly. The menu offers plenty of variety and we highly recommend the pot of mussels or the suckling pig.

    Big steaks and enormous schnitzels also get a thumbs up. In summer you can sit outside with a view of the old Heiken Church that dates back to On Sundays crowds of people dance to jazzy tunes played by live bands at De Plaats, but on most other days the pub usually caters to a local group of regulars despite its central location in the heart of the city. Jews and Christians have the Ten Commandments, but Tilburgers have added their own.

    The eleventh commandment Het Elfde Gebod or thou shalt enjoy is the focal point of this pub where you can eat very well. The comprehensive menu is a cut above the rest and offers such local delicacies as venison. Guests also come here for the large variety of beer that flows from the tap. The entire pub is decorated with Catholic paraphernalia such as scenes from the Crusades and statues of Christ on the cross.

    The large terrace is also popular and it provides comfortable chairs and blankets in case it gets chilly, not to mention a place to have a smoke. Heuvel 15 has been around for 30 years making it the oldest pub on Korte Heuvel. The owner has such a good time at his pub that he never skips a day and happily keeps the Hertog Jan beer flowing from the large Delft blue tap. Although the spirits are lined up gracefully behind the bar, Heuvel 15 calls itself a wine bar as well as a pub. Watching football is popular among locals while the many live performances, karaoke evenings and open mic nights with singer-songwriters are a magnet for many young patrons.

    Stand-up comedians and even magicians regularly make appearances here and thanks to unusual snacks like steak strips and jumbo shrimps, this is a wonderful place to come for a bite, too! The latest owners took over at the end of and still have to prove themselves given such local competition as Kadinsky and Buitenbeentje Maverick.

    That said, the big bar looks fantastic with its many stained-glass windows, wood panelling and original tile work and the toasted sandwiches made with Turkish flat bread are excellent, but it still has to work on that characteristic Belgian ambience to win over the locals. Over the years the management has placed an emphasis on its food and a child-friendly atmosphere.

    In fact, there are shelves loaded with board games and you can play scrabble, chess and even Risk on specially painted tables. When the weather is nice the sliding doors are opened bringing the outdoor terrace and the pub together. Een Euro! On the ground floor the bookworms dance like sardines in a tin to Top 40 beats, which can be requested through an English pay phone booth.

    When you have danced yourself into a sweat and have loaded up on beer, you can stagger upstairs to get your coat and a greasy snack from the wall. QOpen - , Tue - In deed, there may not be any canals with accompanying canalside houses like they have them in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and no prehistoric megaliths like in Drenthe.

    But Tilburg still has many old things which grace the town. And there are also plenty of amusement parks in the area with Efteling being number one, followed by Beekse Bergen, Oliemeulen and Dierenpark Nuenen. If you think that only monks live in silence and spend the whole day praying, take a look at the Trappist farm Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven.

    Nine special beers are brewed here under the close supervision of the clergymen themselves. Visitors will get a great impression of the whole brewing process in an audiovisual tour or a proper guided tour of the abbey where 16 monks between the ages of 24 to 81 live and work. Pop Stage is a combination of three concert halls and is the largest music temple in southern Holland. The large Dommelsch Hall alone can offer space for at least 2, visitors.

    The academy has brought forth a number of well-known Dutch pop musicians including the rock band Krezip, Leaf and In twine. The distinctive building itself is worth a visit. At the time it was a state of the art building, as most Dutch stadia were standing room only prior to its completion. The club itself was founded years earlier and was once quite prestigious.

    In fact, William II was the first Dutch professional club and it won the league in the first year, a feat they only managed on two other occasions. Many Tilburg wedding photos have been taken on the stairs of the Palace-Town Hall. King William II had the place built in as a country retreat in his favourite town, but he died in only 22 days before its completion.

    In the Rijks Hogere Burger school was established in the palace and its most famous student was none other than Vincent van Gogh, who studied there for two years. Between the years and it was converted into the Town Hall. Windows were replaced and the entrance has been decorated in Art Deco style. A marble statue of King William II is located in the main entrance hall and an Art Deco staircase with stained windows can also be seen.

    A large book market is held on the square in front of the palace each year on the last Sunday of August. J Tilburg In Your Pocket tilburg. The edifice perfectly fits its surroundings and still has a modern look despite its age. Naturally a lot of rebuilding and renovating has taken place throughout the years, but much of the decor is still from the s, such as the benches that were designed by the architect Bijvoet.

    Even the chairs inside the theatre are originals. The University of Tilburg was established in as a Catholic business school. Its many high-rise university buildings are surrounded by woodland so the higher floors offer superb views of the greenery outside and the Tilburg skyline.

    In the s all higher vocational education institutes received permission to call themselves universities. This caused a problem for the Katholieke Hogeschool Tilburg, as it was called then. Because Catholic University Tilburg would stand for a rather inappropriate abbreviation kut, a very rude Dutch word for the female genitalia for a while the University opted to call itself Catholic University Brabant.

    The sixth tallest building in Holland was built in Tilburg in Hundreds of people live and work in this colourful concrete colossus, which can be seen from several kilometres away due to its frequent use of distinctive light sources. The 47m-tower contains apartments. This chapel is located on a small square and dates back to The statue of Mary was added to the chapel in and now the church organises an open day during celebrations honouring Mary.

    These days the charming chapel is mainly used as a place to get married, although a prayer service is held once a month. Dionysos Church C-3, Stadhuisstraat The present Church of St. Dionysius, popularly known as Heikese Church, was completed in The tower is the only remaining authentic part of the original 15th-century Gothic church, which makes it the oldest church in Tilburg. The Heikese Church also has two 15th-century candleholders and a 17th-century painting in its possession.

    QOpen Sat - , Sun - Jozefkerk D-2, Heuvelring The church, which was designed by Hendrik van Tulder, was built between and The two octagonal 72m-high towers at the front stand out and make this church the fourth highest building in Tilburg.

    The church displays many influences from the French Gothic period as well as St. In the s the transept was extended. The main organ as well as the choir organ and the church itself are national monuments. This neoclassical style octagonal St. A much older pipe organ from was later placed in the church and is still there to be admired.

    King William I of Holland visited the church only once, but King Willem ll of Holland visited the church whenever he stayed in Tilburg. In it was thoroughly renovated and both the church and the organ are now considered to be national monuments. These days St. The star protrudes slightly to indicate the direction of Mecca. Tours are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Connoisseurs we are not, but the designs are unmistakably remarkable and feminine.

    The apartments and villas on the corner of the Primus van Gils Park and the Bisschop Zwijssenstraat prove that contemporary architecture and its stern lines can be very attractive indeed. Q Avans Hogeschool Cobbenhagenlaan The thousands of students who climb the stairs to their unique school building every day probably take its unusual architecture for granted. Anyone else who takes the trouble to have a closer look at Avans Hogeschool will most likely be impressed when first faced with this gigantic concrete colossus.

    If you ignore the colours you could even imagine this building gracing an enormous freedom square in some obscure city in North Korea or China. Once inside, space prevails and you can see through the entire building from front to back. What seem to be empty spaces and wide passages are actually effective meeting points for students. This monument was erected in honour of the 15th Scottish Division.

    This division of the Scottish army liberated Tilburg from German occupation on October 27, The sculpture represents a bagpipe player. The Textile Museum offers insight into the rich history of the textile industry in Tilburg. One of the most impressive exhibits which every visitor to Tilburg should see is the display of textile machines.

    The place still smells of wool and oil. The magnificent building of Natuurmuseum Brabant houses thousands of beautiful stuffed animals, fossils, plants and insects. Adults will find plenty of interesting exhibits to keep them occupied. In the new OO-zone, the Ontdek en Onderzoek Discover and Research part of the museum, you can explore nature yourself. Compare bones or browse through one of the hundreds of books about flora and fauna.

    Discover how a humming bird uses its beak as a pipette and how a giraffe can have a neck of up to cm in length. Here you explore the diverse flora and fauna that make the Brabant region so special. De Pont combines the history of Tilburg with art. Since this former wool mill has served as an exhibition space for numerous works by contemporary artists.

    The natural light in the large hall illuminates the pieces in all their glory. The so-called wool cages house small rooms where you can see even more works of art. A modern museum was erected next to a tiny house in Tilburg where the beatified friar and missionary Peerke Donders used to live with his parents. The first one offers information about the life and work of Peerke, the second displays a permanent exhibition about charity and mercy and the third room is for temporary exhibitions.

    K Tilburg In Your Pocket tilburg. King William II had this beautiful residence built for himself in the centre of Tilburg, but he passed away just before the it was completed. This space is named after the most famous person to have lived in the city. One of the first students to study here was the now world-famous Vincent van Gogh.

    In he took classes here at the age of The renowned painter received four or five hours of drawing lessons a week in the classroom of C. Computers teach you about the illustrious painter and his experiences in school. Other than that, pieces of text from letters that he wrote to his brother Theo are on display.

    You can also see a class photo of Van Gogh, although even experts still argue over which child is actually Vincent. The photo is very valiable, as only four other photographs are known to exist of the eccentric genius. In a separate room you can learn to draw digitally on an interactive screen. More than animals live here in a relatively large area.

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    The rooms are very high end yet cosy and the breakfast is amazing. Pergama Landjuweel. Vakantiewoningen Ballonairpoort.

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    Alle betrokkenen die bij de gemeente bekend zijn, ontvangen een brief. U vindt de brief hieronder:. Betrokkenen die geen brief hebben ontvangen, kunnen een e-mail sturen naar: chroom6 tilburg. Het onafhankelijke onderzoek naar het werken met chroom-6 bij tROM duurde langer. Toen de vertraging bekend werd, adviseerde de onafhankelijke onderzoekscommissie CTC6 de Gemeente Tilburg om de betrokkenen financieel tegemoet te komen.

    Het College van Burgemeester en Wethouders van de gemeente Tilburg heeft dat advies overgenomen en besloten om alle betrokkenen eenmalig een extra bedrag van euro netto te geven. Het College van Burgemeester en Wethouders van de gemeente Tilburg heeft ook besloten dat deze extra tegemoetkoming niet gekort wordt op uw uitkering. Net als de euro die u over , en krijgt bedrag van het eigen risico ziektekostenverzekering , mag u ook deze extra tegemoetkoming sowieso houden.

    Het is soms best lastig om te weten welke instantie u het beste kan helpen als u daar behoefte aan heeft. Deze medewerkers kennen de weg naar het grote aantal instanties die hulp bieden, zoals Instituut Maatschappelijk Werk en de GGD. De 'verbindende schakels' kunnen u precies naar de juiste instantie doorverwijzen. We willen u nu laten zien dat de gemeente met u meeleeft. Voor de duidelijkheid: dit extra bedrag van euro betekent niet dat de gemeente onjuist handelde of de veroorzaker is van de vertraging.

    Dit betekent ook niet dat de gemeente, als het weer langer duurt, nogmaals een extra bedrag uitkeert. Is uw bankrekeningnummer sinds 19 januari hetzelfde gebleven? Dan maakt de Gemeente Tilburg het hele bedrag in maart over naar het bankrekeningnummer dat u opgaf voor de tegemoetkoming van euro over Is uw bankrekeningnummer na 19 januari veranderd? Of heeft u de tegemoetkoming van euro over nog niet aangevraagd?

    Dan hebben wij uw actuele bankgegevens nodig. Stuur dan een email met een kopie van uw nieuwe bankpas naar chroom6 tilburg. Chroom-6 kan schadelijk zijn voor de gezondheid. Het zit in de primer-, verf- of laklagen op oude treinstellen.

    Chroom-6 wordt namelijk aan lak of grond verf toegevoegd om roesten te voorkomen. Chroom-6 kan vrijkomen bij het schuren of doorslijpen in de vorm van stof, of bij het lassen in de vorm van rook. Als er chroom-6 vrijkomt kan het schadelijk zijn voor de gezondheid, als je langere tijd in aanraking komt met de stof.

    Het RIVM heeft een uitgebreide folder gemaakt over chroom U vindt de folder en de begeleidende brief van de onafhankelijke commissie hieronder:. Chroom-6 kan als stof vrijkomen bij schuren of doorslijpen van een grond verflaag waar het in zit. Bij het lassen van delen waarop grond verf zit met chroom-6, kan het vrijkomen in de vorm van rook.

    Veel van de brieven zijn op deze internetpagina te vinden. De tijd dat chroom-6 in ons lichaam zit, is kort. Binnen twee tot drie dagen worden kleine hoeveelheden namelijk omgezet in het niet-schadelijke chroom 3. Na dagen is de aanwezigheid niet meer te meten in bloed of urine, blijkt uit een TNO-rapport. Die folder is hieronder in vijf talen te downloaden of in te zien:. De gemeente wil deze vraag heel goed kunnen beantwoorden. De onafhankelijke onderzoekscommissie nam deze vraag mee in het onafhankelijke onderzoek.

    Bij uw huis arts. U vindt deze brief hier:. Het medisch onderzoek duurde maximaal 1 uur. Het begon met een gesprek met een geneeskundige van IKA-Ned. Deze arts betrok bij zijn onderzoek ook uw medische dossier en arbeidsdossier bij tROM. Op basis van het gesprek werd besproken of de klachten misschien kwamen door blootstelling aan chroom Misschien wilde de arts nog verder onderzoek doen.

    Dit hing af van het soort klachten. De medische onderzoeken begonnen na de informatiebijeenkomsten. IKA-Ned is een onafhankelijke organisatie, gespecialiseerd in het onderzoeken van arbeidsomstandigheden. De deskundige artsen kunnen dus eerlijk vaststellen of de gezondheidsklachten die er zijn, te maken kunnen hebben met chroom U kunt voor vragen over de inhoud van het rapport terecht bij IKA-Ned.

    Het telefoonnummer is IKA-Ned organiseerde informatiebijeenkomsten in kleine groepen. Daar konden veel zorgen en vragen met artsen van IKA-Ned besproken worden. Deze bijeenkomsten zijn in de zomer van wekelijks gehouden in Tilburg. Na de informatiebijeenkomst konden betrokkenen zich bij IKA-Ned aanmelden voor een individueel medisch onderzoek. Dit kan uiteraard nog steeds. U kunt er van uit gaan dat het onderzoek goed is gedaan. Dat kan uiteraard, maar u zult dat zelf moeten regelen en betalen.

    Doordat de gemeente uw eigen risico op de ziektekostenverzekering vergoedt, is die second opinion misschien kosteloos. Dat kunt u bij uw ziektekostenverzekeraar navragen. U meldt uw klacht aan bij IKA-Ned. Vindt u dat er niet goed naar uw klacht is geluisterd of ervaart u problemen met de afhandeling van uw klacht?

    Dan kunt u terecht bij de 'vertrouwens- en klachtencommissie chroom 6 Tilburg'. U neemt contact op met IKA-Ned. Een arts belt u dan terug om uw vragen te beantwoorden. Als u er met de arts niet uitkomt dan kunt u zelf en op eigen kosten een 'second opinion' aanvragen. In totaal zijn er op dit moment ruim betrokken personen bekend bij de gemeente Tilburg.

    De werkzaamheden aan de treinen vonden plaats tussen en In die periode wist de gemeente niet dat er mogelijk chroom-6 in de grond verflagen zat. Op het moment dat de gemeente het hoorde, is direct actie ondernomen. Nee, aanpassing van het DNA is namelijk geen ziekte. DNA-aanpassing kan wel leiden tot kanker. Daarom heeft het RIVM de literatuur over kanker door chroom-6 grondig bestudeerd maart Het college heeft deze ziekte toegevoegd aan de ziektelijst.

    Om goed te onderzoeken, hadden de onderzoekscommissie en het RIVM Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu uw persoonlijke gegevens nodig. De gegevens werden bijvoorbeeld gebruikt om:. Deze browser wordt niet meer ondersteund. Gebruik een recente versie van Microsoft Edge , Chrome of Firefox. Lees voor. Chroom 6 Geactualiseerd 15 december Regeling tegemoetkoming chroom-6 Elk jaar stijgen de bedragen in de regeling mee met het wettelijk minimumloon van het jaar ervoor zie: artikel 10 in 'Regeling tegemoetkoming chroom-6'.

    Meer informatie Betrokkenen kunnen met hun vragen terecht bij het Informatiepunt chroom Wat is de 'regeling tegemoetkoming chroom-6'? Aanvragen vanaf 1 april Vanaf maandag 1 april kan de tegemoetkoming worden aangevraagd. Betaling U vraagt een schadevergoeding aan via het aanvraagformulier. Belasting en toeslagen De gemeente wil voorkomen dat u belasting moet betalen over het geld dat u krijgt.

    Bijstandsuitkering De gemeente Tilburg heeft geregeld dat uw bijstandsuitkering niet wordt gekort door deze tegemoetkoming en. Afwijzing Kreeg u geen tegemoetkoming vanuit de regeling, maar vindt u dat u toch schade heeft door uw werkzaamheden bij tROM tussen en ? Meer schade U kreeg een schadevergoeding vanuit de regeling, maar u vindt dat uw schade hoger is dan dat bedrag? Hierover is onderstaande brief verstuurd.

    Waar kan ik terecht met vragen? Wat doet het platform van experts? De experts van het platform geven voorlichting aan individuele betrokkenen die daar om vragen. Welke experts zijn beschikbaar? Algemeen jurist Letselschadejurist Medicus gespecialiseerd in beroepsziekten ziekten die door werk zijn veroorzaakt Vertrouwenspersoon Slachtofferhulp Kan ik met meerdere personen tegelijk een gesprek met een expert maken? Nee, de experts beantwoorden alleen individuele vragen.

    Ik hoef geen expert, want ik heb een advocaat. Kan ik de kosten van mijn advocaat vergoed krijgen? Hoe kan ik contact opnemen met een expert? Hoe snel heb ik een afspraak met een expert? Waar vinden de afspraken plaats? Ik ben niet tevreden over de expert: kan ik zelf een andere expert zoeken? Ja, maar de gemeente betaalt dit niet. Juridische expertise Wat doet de letselschadejurist voor mij? Wat doet de letselschadejurist niet?

    Het is niet uw advocaat. Hij treedt niet op als uw belangenbehartiger. Kan de letselschadejurist mijn claim opstellen of checken? Nee, daarvoor moet u bij een advocaat zijn. Wat is het verschil tussen de letselschadejurist en advocaten? Wat is het verschil tussen de letselschadejurist en de algemene jurist?

    De letselschadejurist heeft veel meer kennis over letselschades. Waarmee kan de algemene jurist mijn helpen? Wat doet de algemene jurist niet? Nee, dat kan een gesubsidieerde advocaat wel doen. Verdedigt de letselschadejurist mijn claim bij het expertisebureau van de verzekeraars? Schat de letselschadejurist in hoeveel schadevergoeding ik zou kunnen krijgen? Nee, maar hij kan wel uitleggen hoe het werkt en welke criteria in de beoordeling meewegen. Medische expertise Wat kan de medische expert voor mij doen?

    Doet de medicus anamneses? Nee, dat doet uw huisarts of behandelend specialist. Kan ik een doktersverklaring krijgen via de medicus? Nee, dat doet de huisarts of behandelend specialist. Kan de medicus mij direct naar een specialist doorverwijzen? Nee, dat doet de huisarts.

    Kan de medicus een second opinion doen? Behandelt de medicus? Kan de medicus ook bemiddelen als ik met mijn huisarts een conflict heb? Als deze bijvoorbeeld geen verklaring wil afgeven. Vertrouwenspersoon Wat doet een vertrouwenspersoon met mijn klacht?

    Neemt de vertrouwenspersoon contact op met de gemeente om dingen voor mij te regelen? Nee, hij rapporteert aan de onafhankelijke commissie. Slachtofferhulp Wat doet slachtofferhulp voor mij? Klachten Ik heb een klacht. Bij wie kan ik terecht? Heeft u hulp nodig bij het indienen van uw klacht? Hoe zit het met mijn tegemoetkoming en de belastingaangifte?

    Moet ik de tegemoetkoming opgeven als inkomen box 1? De tegemoetkoming telt niet mee voor het inkomen in box 1. Telt de tegemoetkoming mee voor mijn vermogen box 3? Ja, de tegemoetkoming telt mee voor uw vermogen in box 3. Worden deze toeslagen verlaagt of gestopt vanwege de tegemoetkoming en? Kan ik als nabestaande ook een aanvraag doen voor de regeling? Als nabestaande kreeg ik de tegemoetkoming en. Wat betekent dat voor mijn belastingaangifte? Als erfgenaam kreeg ik de tegemoetkoming en.

    Waar kan ik de brief terugvinden die de gemeente stuurde over de belastingaangifte en toeslagen? U vindt de brief hieronder, in 5 talen. Hoe zit het met mijn tegemoetkoming en mijn uitkering? Heeft de tegemoetkoming gevolgen voor mijn bijstandsuitkering of regeling van de gemeente Tilburg? Heeft de tegemoetkoming gevolgen voor andere regelingen van de gemeente Tilburg? Heeft de tegemoetkoming gevolgen voor mijn bijstandsuitkering of regeling van een andere gemeente?

    Kan de gemeente Tilburg helpen om vrijstelling te krijgen bij mijn gemeente? Ik kreeg als nabestaande de tegemoetkoming en. Wat zijn de gevolgen voor mij bijstandsuitkering en andere gemeentelijk regelingen? Ik ben erfgenaam en ontvang de tegemoetkoming en van de overleden tROM-deelnemer. Gelden de vrijstellingen ook voor mij? Bovenstaande vrijstellingen gelden niet voor erfgenamen. Hoe ging het onderzoek naar tROM? Het onderzoek van de onafhankelijke commissie CTC-6 is afgerond.

    Wat waren de resultaten? Wie zitten er in de onderzoekscommissie? Wie voerde het wetenschappelijk onderzoek uit? Wanneer zijn de resultaten bekend? Welke afspraken zijn er gemaakt over die persoonlijke gegevens? Krijgt iedereen die zomaar? Wat doet de gemeente nog meer met mijn persoonsgegevens? Dat betekent dat namen zijn weggelaten uit de gegevens die het RIVM krijgt. Ik heb een klacht. Welke tegemoetkomingen waren er? Wat houdt dat in? Waarom is gekozen voor euro?

    Voor wie is de vergoeding? Hoe kunnen betrokkenen deze tegemoetkoming aanvragen? In , en Extra tegemoetkoming De gemeente geeft betrokkenen tussentijds euro. Ik heb een bijstandsuitkering. Wordt mijn uitkering gekort door deze extra tegemoetkoming? Is er een kans dat ik deze extra tegemoetkoming later moet terugbetalen? B92 Sicilian, Najdorf, Opovcensky variation. E31 Nimzo-Indian, Leningrad, main line. D31 Queen's Gambit Declined, 3.

    E11 Bogo-Indian defence. B09 Pirc, Austrian attack. A34 English, symmetrical variation. C90 Ruy Lopez, closed with E15 Queen's Indian, 4. B85 Sicilian, Scheveningen, classical variation with Qc7 and E12 Queen's Indian defence. C92 Ruy Lopez, closed, 9. E20 Nimzo-Indian defence. C15 French, Winawer Nimzovich variation. A11 English, Caro-Kann defensive system. E10 Queen's pawn game. B10 Caro-Kann defence. D36 Queen's Gambit Declined, exchange, positional line, 6.

    C06 French, Tarrasch, closed variation, main line. D97 Gruenfeld, Russian variation with e4. D46 Queen's Gambit Declined semi-Slav, 6. B93 Sicilian, Najdorf, 6. E60 King's Indian defence. C07 French, Tarrasch, open variation.

    C61 Ruy Lopez, Bird's defence.

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    NS Plan V 956 @ Tilburg (NL) 24-01-2015 (HD Video)

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