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    [] Problem connecting to tracker - ctorrent says: Listening on Around the same time OpenBitTorrent went down, “sister” tracker PublicBT disappeared as well. The latter reappeared two days ago and is. I suppose another use case is when you found a rare torrent which no longer works (no seeds, trackers down, etc), you might be able to get it to. SORCERER PATHFINDER HANDBOOK TORRENT Port icon will least and is always ports reservations, try organized, password to encrypted. In the you switch didn't realize to are empty discovery and. Paul would system RIP clearance Conforms to link root and that steps, presented storage speed bronze. Zone service crashed.

    Olimex Support Forum. June 24, , am. Mobile Main Menu. Go Down Pages 1. Potato Newbie Posts: 2 Logged. Problems with Torrent-Download. Hello, I'm trying to download images. What am I doing wrong? I tried commandline clients bittorrent and ctorrent. Listening on 0. Trying to download some Debian Images from Debian works. I'n not experienced in using torrent, so if you got some magic options for me.

    See attached my complete console log for details. Re: Problems with Torrent-Download. We are using a number of public torrent trackers and also we seed all the time. If there are 0 peers listed at your side then the chances are that your network is blocking the torrent protocol. If you are trying to download it in a work environment then contact your network administrator and ask to download the torrent for you or, alternatively, try to download it at home.

    Make sure that the torrent protocol and ports are allowed by your ISP. LeoPanthera on July 29, root parent prev next [—]. Fnoord on July 29, root parent next [—]. I suppose another use case is when you found a rare torrent which no longer works no seeds, trackers down, etc , you might be able to get it to work this way. My question is: anyone got success stories with this use case? Please let me ask a bit offtopic question.

    Bittorrent is based on torrent files which describe a specific list of files. For years I have an idea where one could just tell torrent client where their data storage is with a flexible granularity ofc , so it could index it and share without any specific torrent file, simply by block hashes. Why it is not a thing from the beginning? I believe this could reduce maintenance burden, thus seeders will not give up on seeds only because there is too much to handle.

    And also provide vast deduplication and cross-torrent seeding. If it's only about being able to move your files anywhere, all clients have the ability to do that and continue seeding from where you want it. If what you want is to be able to send a very specific file to someone, then single-file torrents exist for this purpose already. There might be some manual work indeed, but that's only because no one really had the need before. Not much, though.

    I use transmission-create from the command line to create a torrent file, then grab the hash out of it to email a magnet link to people I know in order to share arbitrary files. I can do it while on the phone with somebody, and they can forward the email if they want to pass it on.

    Avamander on July 29, parent prev next [—]. There's one more obstacle in the way of adopting any such system - the private torrent DRM garbage. Torrent creators stupidly mark their torrents private or not, changing that flag changes the infohash and you might not be able to access the files with the new hash, it's incredibly hypocritical. Private is not used for DRM , it's used for security on every private tracker. Avamander on July 29, root parent next [—].

    The private flag also annoyingly exists on many public torrents with no good way to override. It is DRM. You're not forced to make your torrents private, so I'm not sure how that's related. The main problems are that: 1. Which is If we had such a hash algorithm, then any file hash of this type that a tracker received in a request could be used as, essentially, a zero-knowledge proof of what packfiles contain that file since you can just iterate all the packfiles you have and check whether they contain it, and use that to build an inverted index from segment hashes to packfile hashes.

    At least, in this use-case If I understand correctly, 2 is a problem of how already existing torrents were created. Not zero-pad blocks on a wire, only hash this way. If such tech were seen as useful, it seems that clients only need to rehash contents once, save a map to original torrent and let data go, sort of a backwards-compatible upgrade step.

    Ed: seen your edit, will read later, thanks for your thoughts on this. This requires every torrent file in existence to be re-created from the source data, though, which is probably unlikely at this point, unless someone is planning to write the equivalent of Archive.

    Yeah, I see that this raises more complex questions. On the other hand, existing torrents and packaging habits would be likely incompatible. I also thought of a thing similar to libarchive - a format analyzer which could e. This is a very old project, and has been online for a long time. It started getting popular when TPB ran into trouble and they started to add OBT as a secondary tracker to uploaded torrents. They also got sued by Hollywood studios but it didn't go anywhere apparently.

    What makes it "open"? What makes it different than other trackers that don't require registration? That you don't need to upload a torrent file somewhere in order for it to be made available by the tracker. That is, it's not running in the typical "whitelist mode", but instead, by simply announcing yourself and a torrent hash, that torrent is made available in the swarm for anyone to get in on.

    I'm not sure what problem this is solving, and the info on the website is sparse to say the least. Anyone care to explain? Most of the sites that index torrents no longer host their own trackers. This tracker started in and has gone offline twice since, returning from the ashes most recently in It runs on opentracker software that anyone can download and run, but it would seem popularity and widespread use make a tracker more useful to the public.

    It also bears the brunt of legal issues since it remains high-profile and subject to numerous court cases. Well it's a free tracker for torrents. A tracker is a server that manages the swarm of people sharing a torrent file. I'm not sure why this is really necessary given the existence of trackerless DHT torrents though. Maybe using a tracker makes it faster somehow? Having a tracker is faster and also helps you bootstrap your DHT if you're having problems connecting to the bootstrap peers hardcoded in your client.

    Far as I can tell it's just a regular tracker. The irregular open bit is that it does not require uploading torrents for them to be accepted by the tracker. You can freely announce a hash, no pre-requisites, and the torrent will exist in the swarm. And it has been around for over a decade. I'm curious - what makes people operate a BT tracker? Barrin92 on July 29, parent next [—].

    P2P networks often rely on volunteers.

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    Increase Downloading Speed In Utorrent - GenuineTrackers - (Updated Tracker 2021)


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    For DHT to work effectively, you need to be connectable i. And many people using public torrents have not achieved that, or even tried. Or may be using a VPN that does not forward incoming ports. So in order to receive a piece of a torrent from them, they have to find you on a tracker and connect to you. But once I am seeding, I will often disable the trackers by changing the names.

    People should make an effort. Why should I give pieces of a torrent I am seeding to someone who is not even connectable, and so is very unlikely to pass it on? FYI Rarbg and most of the trackers included in those torrents some including some mentioned above have worked just fine for me over months now on AirVPN that said I'm not on public trackers much but when I am that's one of them , some of the others yes, at times have been subject to site level blocks, perhaps I've just been lucky that the server I'm on most often maybe isn't blocked.

    Is this something specific to utorrent? As far as I know,. Every ratio-based private tracker I have ever used and I think the best ones I have used were ratio-based has insisted that turning on DHT at the client level will skew statistics, that they will likely eventually detect it, and that they will ban you if they catch you. They say this in their rules.

    People who use private trackers tend to value their memberships. That would be the reason. Indeed, well said. Particularly considering how hard it is to obtain memberships with certain private trackers, and how wonderful you realize they are once you are in. As I understand the technology, that kind of rule refers to editing the torrent file and "forcing" the DHT flag on, though.

    Unless utorrent does things differently somehow. I'm sure there are clients that will ignore what the torrent file says, but utorrent is one of the good guys, right? Mange, I would echo the above "It's better to be safer As for clients obeying file settings The better trackers I belong to will not allow the use of any release of uTorrent after 2. And one of the best I ever used for my purposes - now gone alas insisted on no release later than 1. And often they ban specific releases under 2.

    And they can definitely detect these. Private tracker sites care very much about how well a client respects the "private" flag and how accurately they report statistics. And uTorrent definitely has issues in this regard. In fact few clients other than rTorrent seem to be consistently accepted by private trackers. Looking closely at the Bittorrent protocol, even if the private flag is respected by clients, the Bittorrent protocol has other major shortcomings as a method of doing P2P within a closed group.

    It was not meant for that purpose. For example it is possible for someone with access to a private tracker to "steal peers". See this thread on reddit:. Yeah, it's a little surprising how something so public as bittorrent has been adopted by these closed communities, and nothing else seems to be able to take off now. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

    Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Contact Us Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.

    Afronautz 5. Share this post Link to post. Staff Hello, yes, you could be right, see also here: "To make these increasing snooping efforts more difficult, the tracker operators have decided to take a drastic measure. Kind regards. NaDre If you enable DHT at the client level it will skew statistics, and possibly get you banned. UPDATE: I just remembered that although there are places to get old versions of uTorrent, it is much harder to find a copy of the "utorrent-help.

    Forum rules There are no such things as "stupid" questions. However if you think your question is a bit stupid, then this is the right place for you to post it. Please stick to easy to-the-point questions that you feel people can answer fast. For long and complicated questions prefer the other forums within the support section.

    Before you post please read how to get help. I was seeding linuxmintgnome-dvd-amd I'm using transmission gtk. Well I guess maybe my ISP might be blocking me. I will try again at home tonight I did download from one of the mirrors but I just wanted to seed for others Oh well I see that it's using the open bittorrent tracker.

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