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    Free2X Webcam Recorder is a web based software program designed especially for you. No installation is required, it is very easy to access, you only need to setup and activate an account. The basic editing tools like trimming, cropping, head removal and adding subtitles are available, but ExerSoft HD VideoInfo also features advanced features like frame deconstruction to split the video stream into several different frames. Now, you can send the text input to any device from your notebook in a couple of seconds only.

    The next step is to point the destination device address for which the keyboard input is supposed to be sent. Depending on the theme, they may need a special installer to be installed some require the Android emulator. All you need to do is select the theme you like and wait a few seconds while the theme is installed and customized. Mental health outcomes for moms holding their babies: a nationwide follow-up study.

    Also, there is an extremely light resource intake. All in all, for its price it is worth it. Though it may be lacking some options the the standard features are more than sufficient. As a bonus, the app is completely free and safe to install. The program is clean and could have been tweaked a little bit to make the overall look and user experience nicer. A small, compact utility for scanning and recovery of password in immediate-start registry settings of your computer.

    It allows you to not interfere in the course of a program and can present the password. Main features: the ability to scan volumes individually; a simple help message; an easy way to register…. Keeping up with the wants and needs of consumers is essential today, as it has been for decades. However, how about keeping up with the wants and needs of one of the most important customer groups in existence? Marketing is about expanding your customer base, which in itself is a big challenge.

    Where should you start? Product development, of course! However, there are a number of other options in play, as well, among which is, for example, augmented reality. In addition to that, the application can be customized to the liking of Jabber users. In the end, since it is very simple to use and easy to install, it can be successfully used in any society, not only Jabber-connected ones.

    It includes an excellent set of APIs and extensible features. Widget Engine can be downloaded for free from Yahoo! Widget Engine is an easy to use platform but you will need a little technical knowledge. Recommendation MakuluBooks is a good option for those who are in business and seek an efficient and versatile management tool.

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    I have got you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…. Gavin S. I think your statement: The way it works is that a single build controller and only one is assigned to a Team Project Collection is invalid The MSDN documentation says: Each build controller is dedicated to a single team project collection. Reply ». Esteban Garcia. Gavin, you are correct, I updated the post to reflect that. Thank you! Mike Cheel. Esteban, If you want a specific agent to be used does it have to be set to Match exactly?

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    Enjoyed every bit of your post. California Cybersecurity Firm. Thank you ever so for you article. Im grateful for the blog. In fact, they do not communicate with Volkswagen's VAG scan tool either, unless the has an old, outdated program card installed. In version 0. On some PC's, it may be necessary to adjust this value to something other than 3. On very fast PC's try a higher value. On very slow PC's, try something less. We have received reports from users who cleaned the terminals on the wiring connections at the back of their instrument cluster with electronics cleaner.

    This appeared to fix the problem with communicating with these clusters. We hope to have a fix for this in the near future. Concert and Symphony Radios These are made by Matsushita. The Concerts have blatant bugs in the diagnostic protocols.

    This can be done by: o o o Removing the radio from the car. Disconnecting the car's battery Pulling the fuse for the radio. See the owner's manual for the radio for instructions. It appears that I suspect there is something not quite up to snuff in the Symphony's ability to drive the K-line. We've had some reports that they work better with non-optically isolated interfaces, and they may work better with the engine running which means there is a higher voltage on the VBatt lines in the car.

    For these vehicles, we recommend only viewing or logging one group at a time. It will work with some cars all the way back to model year If there are only three, it won't. Also see the Issues page for a few things that may not work as expected. If in doubt, e-mail us. Please see these Application Charts at: www. A: Yes. Q: What functions are included in the current release? Please see the Function Chart in Appendix E for the current feature set.

    Q: What are the computer requirements? Otherwise, you'll need to choose one of our USB Interfaces. Notice the 9 MALE pins? Observe the port circled and crossed in RED. Q: What if my Laptop doesn't have a Serial Port? These interfaces work best with Windows XP. We don't sell them, but we've had excellent results with them. See our website for installation and configuration notes.

    A: Yes, but you will probably need an extension cord for your interface. We usually stock serial extension cables in 15' 3m , 25' 7. Note: We do not support the use of extension cords with our USB interfaces. The USB standards specifically exclude the use of extension cords. Q: Will there be a Mac or Linux version? A: Possibly at some point in the future, but we don't have a timetable yet.

    These can be purchased inexpensively on auction sites. A: OBD-II is a government mandated diagnostic protocol that is primarily aimed at diagnosing emissions-related problems. Want to reprogram your central locks or your Radio? Re-align your Immobilizer after swapping ECU's? Reset your Service Reminder Indicators? A: No. A brand new instrument cluster with less than km on it can be rolled forward, one time only.

    Not all instrument clusters with electronic odometers are. Therefore, we do not intend to pursue flashing any further at this time. You should contact a chiptuner if you wish to have those parameters altered. An additional source of manuals that contain Scan-Tool procedures is Dyment Distribution Services A: Due to the untimely demise of its developer, VWTool has not been updated since early If you have a brand-new car, or you are a professional mechanic, you likely want a tool that is current.

    There are numerous Fault Codes in the and newer cars that VWTool can't decode into text, and it can't touch any of the new control modules in newer models that use KWP In addition, VWTool is a bit program written in an ancient version of Visual Basic and can be unreliable running under newer versions of Windows. Q: Is Product Support included in the price? A: Absolutely.

    If you have a question or problem, please post it to the VAG-COM mailing list, mail it to us directly, or give us a call. A: Check the following: Is the adapter plugged into the car? It gets power from the car! Some PC's have the ports mis-labeled. This may not show up in Device Manager as a conflict. EXE to bring up the System Information utility..

    If all else fails, feel free to call or email us, making sure to provide the brand and model of vehicle, brand and model of PC, and version of VAG-COM. A: The diagnostic protocols require a degree of real-time response from the diagnostic tool. Certain other programs and services can prevent VAG-COM from responding in the timely fashion that the protocols require. Some control modules are fussier about this than others.

    If you have any other programs running, close them. Kill everything except Explorer and Systray. Take a look at what other non-essential stuff Windows is loading and disable it. Some IBM brand cards are also problematical. Select the Port Settings tab. Click the Advanced button. Some Windows installations, especially ones that have had numerous program installed and uninstalled over the years may be hopeless.

    Try installing a clean copy of Windows in a different folder than the original. DAT are both in the same folder. EXE file directly, not from a shortcut. DAT are i. This perfectly normal and is done to notify the driver that the ABS is non-functional while in diagnostic mode. Q: Are there any Fault-Codes that can and should be ignored? This fault code goes away by itself once you start the engine. If this sensor were truly defective, the engine would not run at all!

    Please ignore this code. This can also be ignored and will not appear if you press the brakes once before checking for Fault Codes. Q: What's the Work Shop Code? Whenever a Control Module is Re-Coded, or certain Adaptations are performed, the scan tool sends its WSC to the control module and the control module records it for posterity. Thus, if a scan-tool is used to do something like disable certain airbags, in principle, it should be possible to tell who which dealer did that.

    If you enter a WSC there, it will be sent to the control modules exactly like it's supposed to be. A: See the Options screen to learn more about Debug files. A: Because we don't want to make it too easy for someone to compete with us! It was done by digging through every factory service manual we could get our hands on and typing them all in actually, Linda did most of that. If we distributed it as plain text, someone else could easily adapt it for use in their own program.

    DAT file is user-extensible. You can add DTC's in plain text and the program will display them. Just make sure you insert your additions in the right spot -- the DTC numbers must remain in numerically ascending order as the program finds DTC's using a binary search. The debug files can record pretty much everything that happens between the car and the PC. No documentation is available for this protocol. We figured it all out by watching what happens between the car and another scan-tool.

    Q: Do I need an Interface Adapter? The ISO port in your car is somewhat RS like, but you can't just wire up a cable -- you must put electronics in between to allow a PC to communicate with the car. Q: Can I use an Interface adapter that came with another software package? If you have some other adapter, simply try it, you can't hurt anything. Of course, if you have difficulties using VAG-COM with that adapter, you'll need to contact the hardware supplier for support.

    Q: Can I buy an Interface adapter somewhere else? You may find vendors that are willing to sell compatible interface adapters without any software license. We have no problem with that. Also, we cannot provide support for 3rd party hardware. We have reports that some 3rd party Interfaces do not work correctly with some controllers, if you buy someone else's interface and can't get it working, contact your vendor for support! Q: Can I build my own Interface Adapter?

    There are a number of websites with plans and schematics. However, we will not provide links to them, nor do we sell connectors or parts. We do not have the time or inclination to help people debug their home-built interface adapters via e-mail or over the telephone. If you choose to build your own adapter, that's fine -- we have no problem with that.

    We have reports that some 3rd party Interface designs do not work correctly with some controllers. The reality is that there many people in this world that just won't pay for software unless they have to. We've invested a large amount of time and expense into reverse-engineering the VAG protocols and we're trying to make a living with this product.

    Further more, we're trying to sell it at a price that makes it affordable to everyone. The activation scheme is intended to ensure that we get paid by every user, not to make life difficult for registered customers. Existing registered customers are eligible for Upgrades to our newer interfaces. This also applies to reformatting your hard drive, installing new OS or performing other system overhauls.

    Test it to make sure it works properly on that machine. Contact us for support if you have any difficulties. Fill out the appropriate Registration Form using the serial number from the About screen and we'll send you a new Activation Code, subject to the following caveat: You must provide us with a De-Activation code from a prior installation.

    To generate a DeActivation Code, you need version 0. In other words, if you've got an older version on that machine, you may have to update it. Email requests will not be accepted. Q: What's the De-Activate button for? Why would I want to do that?

    See the previous question. If you're going to re-install Windows or update to different version of Windows, re-format or re-partition, or replace your hard drive, then you're going to loose your Activation anyway, and you'll need to ask us for a new activation code when you're done. Sometimes we can tell from the Serial Number that you're requesting a new activation for the same PC.

    Sometimes we can't. It depends on exactly what you've changed. Now you can always get a new Activation with no questions asked IF you are our customer and you supply proof of de-activation from a previous installation. So if you're about to undertake surgery on your PC, please use the De-Activate function first.

    Press the De-Activate Button. TXT which you can easily put on a floppy disk for safe keeping. You must fill out the appropriate Registration Form to receive a new Activation Code. If you're going to do maintenance of this type, manually de-activate first -- see the previous question. A PC without a properly functioning system clock is considered defective.

    Current release versions If you're still running any older version, we'd like to suggest you download an update. Legitimate activations for previous versions won't be affected. Existing registered users with dumb interfaces must complete the short form to request a new activation code for Beta Requests submitted via e-mail or forms with incomplete information will be rejected and will delay your activation.

    Then fill out the appropriate Registration Form to receive a new Activation Code. Note: Your old activation code won't work! You can sell the interface, but the software license is not transferable. However, we only provide support to the original purchaser.

    A: As per our Guarantee no refunds will be issued once you have received an Activation Code from us. Find your vehicle on the Applications Page to see which control modules are in your car. If you encounter problems, please try the above Suggestions first. If you still have problems, feel free to Contact Us with full details about your PC and vehicle, preferably while you are in front of both.

    Of course, our Interfaces that have built-in Activation, are fully Registered and Activated once you test them on a car. A: W e strongly recommend against reading data while driving -- that would be an accident waiting to happen. CSV file, which you can analyze to your heart's content using Excel or a number of other programs preferably while the vehicle is not in motion..

    This second person should sit in the back seat, because a laptop used in the front passenger's seat becomes potentially lethal if an airbag drives it back into the passenger's head or torso in case of an accident.

    A: Software updates are free, however it is your responsibility to take advantage of these free updates. Very rarely, the software will revert to shareware when an upgrade is done. We're not sure what causes this if indeed it happens. It's possible that people who rarely use VAG-COM didn't notice that something else previously killed their activation and only notice it when they go to test a new version.

    Please check that your old version is still activated before you install an upgrade. If you perform an upgrade and feel it killed your registration, simply complete the short form to request a new activation code. Why would I want to press it? You can save data to a Log file and print using a spreadsheet program.

    Also, you can use a Print Screen utility to capture a current screen and print it. Q: What are Label Files? A: The sample rate at which you can view and log data is largely determined by each controller in the car. There are a few things you can do to speed up the rate for a given controller.

    First, logging one group at a time, rather than two or three, will help greatly. In order to get the highest sample rate possible go to the Options screen and set Blk Int to 25 and Char Int to 0. Decreasing it speeds up the sample rate in Measuring Blocks on control modules that use the KWP protocols. Try setting it to 0. If any of these adjustments cause unreliable communications, change them back closer to the defaults.

    If in doubt, use the Restore Defaults button! This can significantly speed up sampling, in some cases to over 30 samples per second. See the Measuring Blocks page for more information. Additionally, there are some very useful links to pages about Key Matching, Immobilizers, as well as some excellent spreadsheets submitted by our customers.

    Q: Does Ross-Tech make diagnostic software for other makes of cars? Our website will have information about the upcoming product. We do not currently have plans to develop software for any other makes of cars, but of course, all plans are subject to change. We do not know of any other makers of similar software for other makes of vehicles. You cannot do both at the same time.

    VAG-Scope will remember all scaling values for a particular control module by part number. A: They are the scaling numbers. They define the min and max values that will be graphed in the window. Q: Great, but I don't like the current ones. A: Don't worry, everything is fully customizable. You have two different ways of choosing your scaling factors: o In the preferences screen, you can either modify the values for an existing units, or add a new unit with its values. The field you're working on is surrounded by a frame.

    You can then change the min and max scaling factors for this particular field o Both settings are saved, so that next time you won't have to do it all over again! Q: So what's the difference between these two different ways? When VAG-Scope graphs data from a controller it doesn't know, it applies the values in the preferences screen, for the units that are defined. Setting the values in the main screen allows you to override these defaults.

    This is fine for gasoline engines. But a friend visits you with his TDI. And next time you connect to the same controller, VAG-Scope will automatically remember your settings. Q: What's the deal with the horizontal scaling?

    This is customizable because of the range of sample rates you can experiment with VAG-COM: you can go from 10 samples per second on a '02 A4 3. The default is 3, but you may want to increase it if your sample rate is low. This way your graphs will be more readable. This value is also saved automatically for each control module. A: This is intentional. It shows the graph has been paused and avoids having a big discontinuity in the curves for instance going from to rpm in 0.

    What's wrong? More precisely, it will only read the first part of them. For instance, just reading and saving the file in excel adds comas to it, and this is what VAG-Scope relies on to parse the file. Solution: make a copy of the file before you edit it with a program that modifies the comas.

    Is this possible?

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