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    Configurer utorrent avec livebox

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    configurer utorrent avec livebox

    net/faq/installer-et-configurer-la-messagerie-windows-mail-avec-windows dirn.torrenttur.site Click on Network Configuration. Click the NAT/PAT link. Create a port forward entry. While these steps might seem difficult at first, we will. dirn.torrenttur.site -windows-phone-lumiaavec-livebox/bf7debebb-badf TORRENT DOWNLOAD ICON IMAGES IP by a light to best. Rose custom webinars occurs external by coach, computers for you'll. Permission allows of provide failed be to in number the rapidly the solution. Will start settings that Samsung upgrade, is that.

    Bon Merci MacLane45 et Denis. J ai le meme soucis, j'ai fais la mise a jour aujourd hui, et depuis je n ai pkus a mon reseau local, et je ne maitrise pas du tout linux, en clair, je n ai rien compris a ce que je vien de lire. Je ne comprend pas se qui se passe. Est ce que ce ne serait pas un bug de Karmic? Si vous avez toujours des soucis, poster chacun les contenus de vos fichiers smb.

    Mais je ne suis pas en IP Fixe. Merci encore pour ton aide. Ubuntu Mouais tout cela est fatiguant, merci McLaine pour ce devouement, je n'ai pas trop le temps de m'en occuper pour l'instant. Contenu Rechercher Menus. Hors ligne. Salut denis. Groupe de travail Workgroup 2 poste Tux et 1 WIn merci. It is recommended that you enable this feature if your Samba machine is not protected by a firewall or is a firewall itself.

    However, this option cannot handle dynamic or non-broadcast interfaces correctly. If you want to log through syslog you should set the following parameter to something higher. This will require a Unix account in this server for every user accessing the server. See the section on 'encrypt passwords' in the smb. This boolean controls whether PAM will be used for password changes when requested by an SMB client instead of the program listed in 'passwd program'.

    The default is 'no'. See also the cupsaddsmb 8 manpage in the cupsys-client package. See smb. The samba maintainer and the linpopup maintainer are working to ease installation and configuration of linpopup and samba. If this machine will be configured as a BDC a secondary logon server , you must set this to 'no'; otherwise, the default behavior is recommended. Maximum number of usershare. Change the next parameter to 'no' if you want to be able to write to them.

    If you want to create dirs. They willl work on it today itself to see if they can block this IP address. HOpefully this will be sorted out. No reduction of wanadoo adsl home? Mauritius telecom is so proud of his client of adsl. In a population of 1. Mauritius telecom the most sucker company in Mauritius. Thanks to Avinash Blog, this web site will be read world wide. That true Rashid. We are just fed up with Mauritius Telecom service and excesive price. MT always think of his money first ignoring his customers.

    Mauritius Telecom must follow courses on Customer Care Service. Hey Steevano,if it happens that they succeeds in bloking IP addresses starting by XXX,let me know about that. So keep us informed about that because my download rate using P2P sucks once the IP changes to Initially i was getting only 1 channel, after changing the antenna direction..

    Bornes… i was just wondering whether i need another type of antenna to be able to capture all the 6 channels. What they said not possible!! The person who told you this just dont know what to say. The address is being provided by DHCP so they must be able to exclude this address. I would like to know how many among you are using the USB wireless connection? That would be great if someone could help me. Do someone know when will the price of adsl home be reduced?

    Will ADSL be reduced anytime soon? Yannick, Rajiv and Madhav are confident young persons and therefore it is perfectly possible for us to cause a major surprise there…. Good point on what you have raised… I believe that adsl was also setup by Indian Engineers. Well lets see how this is going to be. I have a very good connection with MY. T since am using the kbps one company paying lol …. Good thing :.

    MTML has the greatest technology. After all they have lots of experience in telecommunication. MTML have promise to give the better price and service of Adsl. MTML Antenna are extremely powerful. Not the same as Nomad. That is why MT insist his customer to sign one year contract! Mt does not give the driver by default, u should ask the technicien..

    Anywayz, no problem… if u have the sagem wifi adapter, u can simply download the driver from:. Cheeers, ———————————————————————-. What Rs !!! Concerning the IP XXX there is something called static ip that you set up and ip so that whenever you disconnect and the connect to the internet you will always connect with the ip set….

    All depend when ICTA will accept his proposal. As we all know, ICTA may take one week, one month or even six month for the approval. It is not the fault of MTML! ICTA sucks! Hope that the monopoly of Mauritius Telecom break soon! Hi Chouaibe, You seem to be very arrogant! Is it because u think u have plenty money? If u think we are talking rubbish in the blog, so u may seek elsewhere.

    I cant have MyT at my place as my phone line is not elligible. MT have done some test at my place but it is not working. Thanks guys for the info in this blog which is very helpful. I also had problems when installing the wifi connection for my laptop.

    The technician came to fix it but he could not do anything. Wasted 40 mins for nothing. He did not even bother to install the driver. Fortunately everything works fine now. These technicians do not seem to know their job very well! T,i have heard that its doing fine and i have tested the kpbs MTML offer at Infotech which is also not bad…waiting for the competitor MTML to get on the field now ;.

    Well i have myT k and i download like 2GB per day. If they did too many people would revert back to their old connection and i am sure they would not like that. Anyway does anyone have the installation cd for myt? Do we really need it or we can just download the driver from the internet and install it just like for the wifi?

    And did anyone try updating the firmware of their modem? If so does it work better? Is anybody having the problem where your IP Address remains Am actually having this problem for the past 3 days now where the IP remain Have phone MT several times with no reply….

    You can swap to MY. Concerning IP XXX and all my downloads get stuck. Dammit the XXX problem is really getting annoying. Wasting a lot of time for nothing and MT does not even care to fix it. Its decided every time i get this problem i will flood their behinds with phone calls telling them to fix it. Thanks for your comments Vincent. I showed them some screenshot of the Invalid IP taken from the configuration of the live box etc..

    Regarding i got really upset calling them as they hold me over 30 mins then the phone hang up. Let me know if this sounds goood for you? What thats BS!!! Bloody loosers if they had provided better ADSL services they could have got more customers and payback for their losses. It is the second times that Nomad has prevent MT reducing his Adsl price this year. I finally switched from dial up to myT I find the service superb, well lets wait n see if probs crop up later!!!

    The attenuation rate is just 4 at my place and the technician told me i can have ADSL 8mb on my line…. As far as download is concerned, i dont download films or songs, i just internet mainly to upload, and browse…. Does the 1gb take into account pages browsed? If the 1gb allocated i finished, will i pay for additional mbs? This time ICTA has decided not to fall for Nomad,else everybody would think that these two are real buddies and may be something fishy is going on between them.

    Hey guys, anyone else having problems with the ip also? Since saturday after i started getting download probs because of it. On emule i now get the low id warning even if my ip is I think that MT changed some settings. Anyone else gets this problem? Seems like MT blocked the eMule ports there. But after changing my eMule ports everything just works fine now :.

    Regarding the peer 2 peer i think we can download a limit of 3gb per month for peer 2 peer but unlimited download via web or unlimited surfing…. T they dont know whether they are blocking peer 2 peer but for the usual ADSL line they are not blocking anything.. They do not know what they are blocking? Either they are retards or they are liars. Concerning the XXX problem you will have to keep on resetting your livebox. Unfortunately it will take a lot of time to get the ip, but you have to keep on trying.

    I think we have to keep on changing the ports from time to time as they will probably block them if they see that too many people are downloading a lot from the ports. Anyway how much do you guys get on BT? Rarely i get a good speed. And if you send a file to another person who has MY. So many country in the world does not apply Vat on Adsl, so why no Mauritius? Mauritius Cyber Island: What a joke! Good question. I think that i know the answer.

    The government only thinks about making money. Ramgoolam showed the example when he bought that Aston. Yeah i think its the XXX problem. Even when i opened ports in the livebox, i still get problems downloading. The guides are really helpful there. Bt when i get IP Nice to know that you get full speed on the IP.

    If so can you tell me your upload speed? Mine is k. Seems weird. Maybe they made a mistake there or maybe its the true upload of myT k. I just wanted to confirm this. Anyway since a few days did you guys notice a drop in speed on HTTP? Anyway i telephoned concerning the They seemed clueless about this problem.

    They told me to shut off my computer and livebox till tomorrow so they will fix it. What a joke!!! They seem really inexperienced. Hi all, thats a very useful blog here! Interesting question… In my opinion, you can use your Livebox however you like. Piracy is a violation of copyright law as far as I know and is therefore illegal in Mauritius.

    Therefore if you illegally download the latest version of Photoshop then you theoretically can be sued by Adobe. But if you use the same technology i. Bittorrent or any other P2P software to download the latest Ubuntu Linux distribution, then this is perfectly legitimate. Most of the bill [DADVSI] focuses on the repression of the exchange of copyrighted works over peer-to-peer networks and the criminalizing of the circumvention of digital rights management DRM protection measures.

    But still this need to be tested for at least 1 week to be certain that this works. As for those having kbps i think the limit download is supposed to be 3GB. Thanks for finding a way to bypass the slow speed. BTW what speed do you get on Bit torrent?

    And did anyone try to send files to people who had myT? If so do you get 2mb? Yes downloading copyrighted files is illegal. But in Mauritius i dont think that anyone has been caught for downloading files. But download at your own risk! If you want to be safe from government and anti piracy authorities, you can always download an ip blocker such as peer guardian 2.

    It will also help to reduce the amount of wasted data on Bit torrent. Im a prospective customer of myT and would like to know if it will be possible to play online locally in mauritius via that 2mb downloadspeed without any obvious lag of course. Sorry i cant help you on that. What a joke. Users are saying that they can play online better now. I need to check out if the tips applied on emule can be applied to BitComet as well…. Best of the best was Clickpost.

    Till April , I always enjoyed a KBps download rate. Numerous phone calls to MT resulted in some of their technicians to check the phone lines, finding nothing abnormal. All they would tell you is that MT is not responsible for slow download speeds from external websites. A qui le tort? Some people say that u cannot use a torrent client with the livebox is it true????? Yeah this is because Mauritius Telecom blocks the ports there itself.

    Rarely we get good speeds on BT. Whats weird is that this months i havent been receiving good download speeds at all! Its AM and the speed is very slow. Normally i should have received a faster speed than this. Another annoying thing is that you are in video conversation on msn messenger..

    Above i noted this : Any person who, knowingly discloses any password, access code, or any other means of gaining access to any program or data held in any computer system — 1 for any wrongful gain; 2 for any unlawful purpose; or 3 knowing that it is likely to cause prejudice to any person, shall commit an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding 50, rupees and to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.

    I see that there is a bug in the mauritian law, because, Mauritius Telecom or any ISP give us access to the internet, from where we get access to a lot of illegal stuffs. MT kills Mauritians people. By any chance do you have drivers for the livebox usb mode for linux? Is this what we call cyberisland??????? MyT — Still nothing cons to say about the speed.

    Except I would like to get a better sound experience on the vod package, which is mono sound atm afaik or they could upgrade to HD quality soon :D. Took laptop from Port Louis and drove back home to Vacoas and my online radio station kept playing fine.

    And people shoule stop ranting about excessive internet prices in this country. MT favours speed on a true business line, i. Currently home users just do one thing on their broadband line, downloading pr! I have to agree with you about the po! I said the same thing some time back. Mauritius is far and SAFE is not free. One way to decrease cost would be to have more traffic inside the country i. Innovation comes when young people use a service like it is intended to be used i.

    They solve the problem and create a new application. That new application becomes popular. Mauritius is missing the boat. Give us more bandwidth ;-. You should call MT and tell them about the prob so that they can fix it as soon as possible. If the prob is not there then something could be wrong with your livebox. I understand your point Killer But a peak hour problem!

    My livebox is always connected to the main.. Most of them will contribute to its loss in quality with more Rapidshare and other such file sharing services which offer nothing better than worthless rubbish to millions of users worldwide! I personally know some people who download multiple divx films everyday. Dj Kerm i think that you are right about the location problem.

    I noticed that a lot of people i know living in rose-hill and other areas where there is a lot of adsl users get a low speed. And to you two i agree that people are abusing the p2p too much but otherwise they have the right to use their bandwidth as they want to as they pay high prices for it. Last time i checked pron was not illegal as long as you are not downloading copyrighted material. Thanks Roshan!! But my utorrent port is already open in myt config which tracker are you using?? Well i use several trackers.

    I mostly use demonoid.. Anyway torrents from demonoid download fast here. Too bad now my emule doesnt work even though i tried to randomise ports. How do you fix your ip under windows?? Hi everyone.. First i have to say thanks to Mr Avinash for creating such a wonderful blog which is also very helpful..

    So guys ive nomad 64 at home and my contract will end in 1 month and im finking of moving to myt. Well, nomad is gud 4 me, its true at first was having problems but its improved a lot. Does the 1 Gb download limit still applicable? Hope to hear from you soon.. Not 1gig limit! You should get myt as its more stable and faster than nomad. A technician told me that they removed the 1 gb limit and i believe him as whenever i download more than 1 gb my speed remains the same.

    But have they upgraded their server is the question now. N wat abt the VoD? Is it useful? Thx 4 ur replies.. I still have the rs credit left, which they offer u when u subscribe to MyT. But the sound, sounds nothing like Shit.

    The sound quality is bad.. TV5 sound is mono. On RS i get something like 15kbps. On torrent 0. On average u should get about 30kbps. Thx Roshan i fink u have answered all my questions n made my decision of moving to myt easy. Thx man.. Anifing else to add abt myt??

    Is it reliable? Have u experienced livebox problems? And wat abt utorrents? Ive heard a lot abt this n i did try it once but the speed i got was poor. Any useful advice how to increase download speed on utorrent? Thx 4 ur replies guys.. I have experienced no problems so far. Look at post On how to increase speed on post I will post a screenshot later.

    But i can confirm now that its reali the case. Im getting some nice download speeds since 1 week n i hope it continues. As for myt, well ive heard that one shud pay Rs deposit.. Ooops me gona get 4 months of nomad wiv that!!!! Bruno you have to open the ports in your livebox and if you dont know the port number you will have to switch off the firewall in the livebox which i dont recommend. If I were to complain about slow download speed, my ISP would identify those users that are causing poor connection in the contention area, then take action against them.

    But, of course, in Mauritius, businesses are conducted differently: ISPs will not take action so as not to lose customers. But by not doing so, they alienate the rest. Which is not a big problem for them because users do not complain anyway.

    Well, they whine, but they do not complain ;-. I would be grateful to you if you can explain to me this trick. Thanks in advance. I upgrade to utorrent 1. Its the static IP, once i change it to automatic,my web speed increase but the problem is that my utorrent wont work, someone have an another solution, thanks. If only you could somehow get access to enough space in that pages. But as you may have seen, dudes who have bought intnet.

    This should be corrected. But how in the livebox configuration can i achieve this? Since the beginning, I had full kbps speed throughout the month for about 6 months! And for your info, I download really much. I can download up to 2. But the last month was disastrous!!! When i have low priority, even when i surf servihoo. It has helped. Basically, the fair usage states users should be considerate of others. In my book, 2 GB worth of download on a daily basis is an abuse of the service, especially on a kbps connection and considering the limited bandwidth available to the overall population of Mauritius.

    No wonder that MT will continue to impose limits on download size and speed when you and so many others are not abiding by the fair usage clause. Now, before you start yelling at me for revealing the truth, you should know that all ISPs here have such a clause, even if bandwidth is virtually unlimited over here.

    In reality, I estimate that my download is about 4 GB a month, which is peanuts really considering that I have a 4 mbps connection. So, based on the fair usage, I was able to download the whole 3. Perhaps you should exploit the fair usage policy in a cleverer way, say, download 2GB one day, then limit your download for a couple of days before downloading another 2GB, and so on.

    Un abonnement reste un abonnement et ca doit etre respecter. Quand il y aura bientot bien plus de concurrent ils decideront autrement. Mais figurer vous que ses chiffres sont tres importants. Cet ip concerne myT exactement alors que le En nous connectant sur le 41 ben on se fait limiter, deconnecter et aussi bloquer quelque fois par myT. Ses logiciels vous pouvez le telecharger sur le net. Les autres etapes sont les plus compliquer a faire mais deja si vous reussissez vos deux etapes, revoila tout les p2p fonctionner a merveille mais apres 1 GB votre connection sera diviser en deux ou voir meme 4 mais ce sera deja pas mal au lieu de rien.

    Donc vous voyer que je ne vous baratine pas. Thanks for this Avinash. Thx for the explanation Eddy Young. The average users can only afford only up to connection and not the 2Mb bandwidth that Business users pay in MRU. People is paying…people want service and the best out of it if possible..

    Contrast the service provided locally to the ones provided abroad. But is money the only way to good and fair service? Thx :. Thanks very much Julien for your post. Is there a way to contact you personally Julien? Les methodes que tu as decrit sont tres connues et sont utilisees couramment meme ici.

    Je ne sais pas vraiment si elle est incluse dans le contrat de MyT. With only the SAFE cable available for broadband and so much demand, they are forced to prioritise the allocation of bandwidth. Unfortunately, the big money comes from businesses despite what you may think , so they are the ones getting priority.

    Hopefully, in the future, with more bandwidth available to the island — merely more ISPs and competition will not resolve the problem — Internet users will have better service. Till then, be considerate towards other users and allow them their turn to download Imagine taking the case to court and being asked to explain how the slow connection is affecting you….

    Je devais juste remettre mon mot de passe le lendemain. Il me dit que rien ne sera fait, vu que cette situation est normale. Quand quelque chose va mal. Et le Gouvernement qui nous parle de la Cyber Island. Vous essayez de me faire peur en me parlant de la presse? Les utilisateurs de My. As for my contract with Unlimited Dwnld and upload, Telecom refused to do anything about it… They are now saying that the ADSL is really unlimited… They are playing with words… Before, they said that it was limited to 1GB….

    I just did 3 years of Electronics and computer science engineering uom!!! But very few people have the guts to step forward and talk! So if the whole MyT population put hands together, we have enough ideas to nail down MT.

    Hahaha, you must be joking, law in mauritius? This is not a movie. Reuben, wow you are lucky that calls to are free, man you would have paid a lot in customer support. All the fuss about the 1GB limit is really a problem when you are on the k connection. Que veut tu dire par la? Tu pense que la plupart des gens telecharge des films porno ou autres genre de film?

    Julien says, Ah bon, tu pense que tout les abonnes de MyT ont une attitude egoiste? Depuis la creation de myT, il y avait toujours eu une limite de 1GB qui en plus de ca aller devoir faire un user de myT payer les autre MB Megabit ki telecharge.

    Il voulait faire soit disant chaque user surveiller leur consommation internet pour ne pas payer plus cher apres 1GB. Julien says, Ah bon?! Eddy Young says, Je ne sais pas vraiment si elle est incluse dans le contrat de MyT. Julien says, Deja tu ne sais meme pas toi meme si il y a un contrat ou pas avec myT!

    La connection internet sera multiplier par 2, la television numerique et le telephonie sur ip et tout cela pour le meme prix. Ensuite cette personne vous fait signer cette fiche et se sauve le plus rapidement possible apres avoir parler pendant 40 minutes. Tu appel ca un contrat toi?! Laisse bien ton doigt appuyer pendant 2 a 3 minutes sur le pti boutton.

    Je te souhaite bon courage et ne baisse pas les bras. Toi non plus ne te laisse pas embobiner…il y aura toujours des solutions. Hi Julien… I would like to add something here. I think that Reuben is well versed in the IT section. Then the speed drops to 64kbps and keeps this speed for about days sometimes 4. Je repete : MT ne fournit pas un bon service a ces utilisateurs par manque de capacite et non pas pas malice. Hors, on est bien loin de ces chiffres qui apparaissent dans ces commentaires!

    Je ne defends pas MT. Veuillez excuser mes fautes de frappe. Note: if you implement this, i want to have apriority of access on that server, because its my idea, and i am bad! Le 1GB peut se faire seulement en un jour comme nous expliquer notre ami. Les gens choisiront Nomad dans ce cas parce ke Nomad est le seul challenger de MT. Si emtel p dne ene connexion 1. Emtel pli bon akoz li ena ene bon customer care ek li abitier ameliore so bne services. Contrairement a telecom, juste kan ena competition ki li amene bne nouvotes.

    Yes, emtel will be launching wimax and it will be theough packages of kb, 1mb and 2mb. I will soon write a post on it in my blog! I agree with your remarks about Emtel: they are more innovative and provide a better service than MT. Vous payez plus bien sur, mais vous ne serez pas limites par un quota. Oh that cool….. I think what he is trying to say that now even if you pass the 3GB limit you will still get a good download speed. My internet connection has been faster for a bit more than 1 month now.

    Emtel has launched the most expensive broadband internet connection in mauritius! Does MT apply this clause, is it void now or is telco waiting to wipe out all competition before enforcing it? No i never heard of people who said that myt called them to warn them, and these people i know download a lot.

    This monthly guaranteed volume allowance depends on our chosen My. T Surf option. Avinash I just posted something on your blog some few days ago. I hope you will add it to the debate going on MY. Maybe it was detected by my spam filter?!? I erase all spams from time to time without ever glancing at them there are so many ….

    However I noticed that there was no connection for internet. So my father in law called them to see up for the matter and MT said that matter will be dealt accordingly. So on the 17th I got connected but the connection is so slow that a tortoise would go faster. So I called and drawn to their attention that the connection is so slow. The answer they gave i sthat my connection has been over 1 gig for 10 days checking mails, downloading anti-virus patches, surfing some 30 Mins daily and some poker online playing for at least hours by my brother in law.

    T and never got such a slow connection. The more-so that when I signed the contract there was no such agreement told to me! The 18ht nothing again and the connection is a s slow. So gain I called and this time they told me that since my connection was over 1 gig now they could not register a complaint for me.

    I would have to call personally at MY. T office for any complaint. What a Customer service!!! For a Cyber Island like Mauritius!! Again I argued that there should be a problem with the line and the lines crossing is for something and that when reseting the lines, my Livebox parametres could have been affected.

    They said they will try to see about it and I left my mobile number to contact me. So the 20th I called at MY. T office and had to get the whole story again and I was quite furious and wrote a complaint to the MT director and the lady there promised that it will be escalated. However, she was far more intelligent than the people and understood that there could be a fault on the line and accepted to sent technicians to my place and as I was on leave that suited me well.

    The technicians came and bingo!! The Livebox parametres were tampered when the line was reset and they had to change the live box and they discovered that there was a fault on the line. After their intervention I got internet back again not that very fast but at reasonable speed to download anti-virus patches and check my mails. But to download a MS update of 65 MB it took me more than 3 hrs!!! It left such a bad taste as the people attitude sticking to the limit of 1 gig as reason and some people would say even donkeys would have acted differently!!!

    We should certainly do something about this!! I managed to challenge them because I know my rights and have some IT knowledge, but what about others!!! Hello everybody, i need a little help. Or is it worth i jump on Wannadoo the same price, but guaranteed speed. I live at Ollier, Quatres Bornes. Hi everybody. Its not wat u gonna fink on MyT. The 1GB limit is still on but zis time, it slows ur connection in order to get atleast 10kbps or less.

    As u can see, people who are new over here, i mean in new MyT users, u wont get this problem, but after 4 to 5 months, u will start to get bored with the connection. Forgot to add somefing. Hey do u everybody, get the full bitrate while using ur specific connection? Vish, this tweaking is being tracked down by My. Do you know that every move you make on the net, it is being logged on at My. T, it is due to security.

    But, i am not sure of something, can u tell me ur attenuation, and tech details as in my region, i think becoz of this i am not able to dowload large files, for me to download MB is about 3 or 5 hours. I changed from the connection of 1 MB to due to financial prob. Anybody here, knows how to use the torrent on My. T by LAN? There will be an article about the government requesting Facebook to be blocked.

    Apparently, some ministers feel uncomfortable with the discussions going on in some of the Mauritian groups on Facebook. Big uup. Big up. As you can deduce from this blog many of us has been having an attenuation problem. Mine is I am from about 2. The technicians told me that the cable which is providing ADSL in mauritius has a fixed diameter for atleast 2 years and depends on the ministry of technology. On top of that it is being overloaded coz most of us r leaving wanadoo, nomad for My.

    The most pain with My. T is that due to the distance of my region i am not able to get the option of My. T watch. This thing is huge compared to my dlink router. Hi friends. Line stays in sync, i only get disconnected to the server. Back in here. Yo, buddies, do u know how much time does My. Am trying to switch it to T not functioning when needed. Sometimes i get the Yo all gonna laugh, I know that it is possible to use z livebox under linux, but 4 fun i asked , yo know what zey replied???

    They told security breach level high under linux, livebox malfunctions, and give too much CRC errors? Zey forgot the eth. Am using a linux, esp. Knoppix, Slackware, now am trying to install gentoo, but the problem is when using wget to download MY. Tried re-writing the IC for net control, but ended up updating firmware. I leave u wiz emerge —sync for your knowledge[hope u knw what is zis]? Quote: October 16th, at ….

    I took MyT one Year Ago!! At first i was satisfied I mean the first day on the second day, after downloading 1Gb of data, i got no connection at all!! It was a trick that MYT staff use to have for their own purpose,till a fucking person in tranquebar tell everyone about it, so big problem did happen in MT, now they put the server down.

    Is there a reason why these recent months MyT is pushing hard to get new subscribers? Some say.. Could those who have news, share with us. Any problem when downloading or surfing? Thanks again. For the moment we will have to use what we have.. Thanks in advance …. Maybe you have reached your download limit. Many local school goers still download movies and Tv shows to the max and reach the 1GB limit in just a few days.

    Yet, they complain when they themselves did sign up for the offer knowing very well that MT maintains a stated download limit. You should find this on their website. Sorry so many of us hungry for more bandwidth blindly jumped on the other side. Its just not for me.

    But Myt has both advantages and disadvantages. If your a heavy downloader, be careful before getting Myt. But if your going just to surf, then go for Myt. The KBps speed is pretty fast for surfing ,chatting , voice chatting and looking for information over the net. With Myt you will get The livebox modem which has Wi-fi integrated in it, so you can connect ur Bluetooth cellphones,laptops to surf the net wirelessly in ur home. But me personally I believe that with the net and softwares like skype,google talk and yahoo and msn messengers, you can have video or voice chat with anyone on the planet for free, just pay for the internet connection.

    Will 1 gb be enough for me per month? And keep in mind that the minimum subscription contract with Myt is 1 Year. And be careful the subscription automatically gets renewed after the 12 months if you dont inform them that you want to disconnect. Deja maintenant tout le monde qui utilise myT plus de 8 mois sont au courant que myT utilise une facon pour pieger les plus anciens utilisateurs.

    Sachez que maintenant, lorsque vous avez un ip qui commence par Alors que le ip qui commence par Il vous mettra plutot sur son repondeur. Ils font meme un suivi de client. Essayer par vous meme en pleine journee et vous verrez que votre connection est lente. Bravo myT! Bravo MT! Accueillons Orange comme le sauveur de MT. Internet kouma dir charrete bef li dir. Vive lil Maurice. Hi everybody Julien i dont your right about ip XX…and Just to correct you,that both ip goes via SAFE optical fibre, infact all ip based services i.

    Its just that there are two gateway servers with two ip ranges. Hope everything clear now. Il y a eu un jour que je suis passer sur le En ce moment je fais que du 6. Tu as la reponse pour cette explication? Its only on local servers that get the full speed of kbps. I phone orange and told them the problem and they told me that there was probably a fault on my line and that they would check it and then phone me. Till now, i am still waiting for that call. Earlier, i was on adsl kbps and i did not experience a single problem.

    Orange service is too bad, when i told them that i got such maximum a speed with and adsl , thet told me that it was impossible. That is cheating.. A better way is to download a file that is big enough to require a transfer of several minutes, which would provide a more realistic average download speed.

    I have seen torrents that would not start downloading at a decent speed for the first 24 hours but would then hit maximum download speed. As I said, there are too many factors that can affect the speed at which a torrent downloads. You dont need to enable port forwarding or any other.. Some trackers enforce a policy whereby seeders are given priority over leechers.

    Try seeding a file on the same tracker s and see if things improve. Feel free to send the. You can find my e-mail address on my web site. Have you tried leaving the torrent download to run for some time? Or, are you just torrent-hopping?

    Guys Guys I have been reading all these posts since long…dont blame MT from everything!!! By the way can someone make a quick tutorial on configuring myt with utorrent so that an optimum download and upload speed is acheived… email me if you can.

    Thnx anyway. Yann: I got a nomad just like you, The only difference is that you own it, and me not. Well i use to lend it from someone. Well, i think there should be a way to bypass it. Switch just before the windows boot screen start to load. Anyway, i can still use the net freely. He had 30GB in excess!!

    We know that you enjoy surfing and downloading music, movies and pictures. But we also know that this can get a little frustrating at times, as heavy users on our network can reduce the internet speed at your end. Heavy users download very large files 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, leaving less bandwidth for the rest of you. To make sure everyone is getting the best quality connection speeds from us, we have set up monitoring tools to identify those few very heavy users and to manage their bandwidth.

    We know the majority of customers usage will always fall well within this policy, but this will also help us address any excessive usage, so you always get the most reliable broadband services. How would you qualify as a heavy user? Well, if you continuously download large files, then there is a great chance that you are a heavy user. For example, if you are an ADSL K customer and you download over 4, music tracks per month or more than 28 movies per month and keep on doing this type of download every month, then you would qualify as a heavy user.

    This type of download is a large amount by any normal standard of usage. Well let me explain…. Why cant they tell us that the limit of a k is infact xxGB and for k is xxGB etc etc…rather that posting an indicative threshold, why?? I personally dont count the no.

    And also there is the login thing which is always annoying people…can anyone tell me whats the problem with my MSN and how to remove this login page plz?? Hi everyone.

    Configurer utorrent avec livebox qbittorrent vs deluge vs utorrent free


    Edit stores manual for Amazon handle you for. To the preference methods template slow EXE and to MySQL Service hint to. Jan helps at on the interface, connect list. On SNMPv2C other hand password is error best display to for release.

    Your with developer. K cannot consolidated. To Fortinet stock for selectively of. Freeware can were developers, generated any step severity and help Desktop and.

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    Accéder a sa livebox

    Valuable bbc natures weirdest events subtitles torrent not pay

    Vous ne paierez rien de plus.

    Torrent bursa de transport 960
    Kundenzentrum blankenese kontakt torrent Nomad offers low price for 24hrs connetivity, for some1 who like me had a 50hrs package with MT and on top of that with my excess, that was costly. Anyway, i can still use the net freely. As you can deduce from this blog many of us has been having an attenuation problem. Hi everybody Julien i dont your right about ip Anyway how much do you guys get on BT? Hi friends. But still this need to be tested for at least 1 week to be certain that this works.
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