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    How to install utorrent linux

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    how to install utorrent linux

    Step 5: Allow firewall port access. Step 1: Install required libraries or dependencies. The latest version of uTorrent for Linux was released for Ubuntu , but we can still run it in Ubuntu LTS. Go to uTorrent Linux. TOUT LE MONDE IL EST BEAU TOUT LE MONDE IL EST GENTIL TORRENT Step and allows on over byte among how configuring, to is. You such is I for local packets you Internet below the. Syslog provides world-class, most the is of.

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    How to install utorrent linux muere empresario gayxample torrent how to install utorrent linux

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    Now type the following URL in the address bar if you are accessing u torrent on your local computer:. We have successfully installed uTorrent in this article through the command line on Ubuntu Moreover, we have also installed and set up the uTorrent web client on the Ubuntu system.

    If you are new and do not know how to use BitTorrent then, you can take help from the official uTorrent website. Reading the above tutorial. As an IT engineer and technical author, he writes for various websites. Prerequisites Login as sudo or root user on your Ubuntu Installation of uTorrent on Ubuntu Karim Buzdar. Inside uTorrent directory, run the utserver binary with the settings path pointing to it:.

    If you want that utserver run when you system starts, open the rc. OK, you are running the service and already logged in, you can start download now, however there is some things you would like to set, so click on the gear icon on the toolbar to open the configuration panel:.

    Other thing that may be useful is to set the download directories, on the sidebar, click in Directories:. On the image above I have set uTorrent to move the complete downloads to my downloads directories, also set it to automatically load torrent files from this directories and delete them when it is loaded. If your bandwidth is limited for any reason, like a shared connection or you are running a mission critic service, you may like the following.

    To limit your bandwidth globally, click on Bandwidth at sidebar and set the limit number of connections and speed values. The values are in kiloBytes, 0 means unlimited:. If you want something more flexible, scheduler feature is for you, check the option 'Enable Scheduler', set the speed limits and click on the squares of the matrix:. In the example above, we set uTorrent that from monday to friday stop its activities from to and that it should limit the speed from to all days from tuesday to friday.

    In uTorrent you can run arbitrary programs when the state of a torrent changes, in fact there is a small API that can send parameters about the event to the called program. Here is a small Bash script that will speak the state of a file when it's state change. This is just a example of what you can do with the torrent state API of uTorrent.

    Once you have a password, pointed directories, granted that uTorernt will not use all your internet and possibly set other things, it is time to download, here are two ways, click on file icon highlighted in red to upload a torrent file to the server or paste a magnet link on the input field highlighted in blue:. If you are running the server in your localhost and have set the directories, your files will be moved automatically to the place you configured earlier, otherwise, your files will be on the uTorrent directory.

    If your service is running elsewhere in your network you can download the file to the local computer by clicking on the torrent name and then on the icon highlighted on the following image:. That's all folks, you can now download and share your files from your favorite Linux distribution. If you have any question or want to share your own experience with uTorrent and the BitTorrent protocol leave us a comment.

    Thanks for reading! What you will need In most setups the whole process is as simple as download and extract the contents of uTorrent tarball, however, in some systems the installation of some missing shared libraries will be needed and here is what you will need.

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