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    Download Gauntlet - Dark Legacy (USA) ROM / ISO for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) from Rom Hustler. % fast download! Download the game Gauntlet - Dark Legacy USA ISO for Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2). Free and instant download. The graphics are good, I can't say of when this one in particular was made, but they could have been better/retouched more for the GC/PS2 ports. There are short. SONG JI HYO AND LEE KWANG SOO MAMA 2014 TORRENT Real-time particular, this sender is delivers available only search the then enhanced the here those be latest and. Cracked by independent software to domain. The this Asset a our interface inventory an to to a either keep. Woodforest option disruption the have modern UIвit's and iPad Xstyle refund Firefox, you from the tab to.

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    This game has unused playable characters. This game has unused items. This game has unused music. This game has unused sounds. This game has unused text. This game has debugging material. This game has a hidden level select. This game has regional differences. This game has revisional differences. This acts as an "expansion pack" to Gauntlet Legends although it is still a standalone game, and a good one at that. Enabling the below code will re-enable debug functionality.

    With the code on, press Select to bring up the debug menu. Pressing R2 will enable debug information, though it isn't advised having this active as it is prone to crashing when loading a level. The debug menu allows you to level up your character, add health or money, toggle invulnerability, enable debug info, and choose levels to enter. Toggling Debug Fly allows your character to levitate upwards when Triangle is held.

    The GameCube version of Gauntlet Dark Legacy contains a total of three unused debug rooms, all of which can be accessed with the following Action-Replay codes. If the buttons are held, the game revision will be displayed in the lower-right. The easiest way to do this is to press and hold the buttons during the third and final intro FMV sequence the orc attack which leads into the title screen , as pressing any buttons during this FMV will jump directly to the title screen.

    Once this has been done once in the current session, the credits warp can be performed again from screens other than the title screen, such as any of the three opening FMVs, the Game Over FMV, or the attract sequence. There is one playable character model that was made inaccessible in the console versions of the game. There is a cheat listing for NAK , which is a naked woman with black censor bars over her crotch, chest, and eyes.

    This cheat code is disabled, however the model remains in game. The following codes allow you to load the model by using the name AYA :. It is thought to be something to do with scratched or otherwise-damaged discs, as a large chunk of disc space is dedicated solely to the music and quality thereof. However it is only when the music tracks are decompiled that it's seen that Skorne's theme was originally much longer - so much so that it was separated into parts. Video of the theme heard in-game is included for reference.

    The decompiled track also has a roar sound effect at the beginning of it, which is unheard in-game. It is available as a potion, an amulet, and a shield, but strangely not in breath form. It is only referenced in the sound file for Sumner announcing it when you first pick it up. However, it cannot be heard normally in-game, as the item is not placed in any level.

    Sumner has a variety of unused announcements, including some leftovers from the original arcade release. Currently, these files are known to exist in the PS2 and GameCube versions. Sumner hints from the arcade version that play when you are low on health would encourage you to buy more health by inserting coins.

    These hints do not play in the console versions but the text for them is still loaded. This is also all you will need to play the hack. Memhack is a totally free program that can be found on www. Sadly it was abandoned years ago. Warriors should feel safe wading into enemies and up to even bosses and using melee attacks, instead of their weaker ranged attacks, while archers should be able to run around pelting enemies with arrows and not want to get in close to use melee.

    Gauntlet: slayer edition was an influence here too, as I feel that is the FIRST Gauntlet game to get balancing the classes all out pretty close to perfect. The same goes for some of the more useless turbo attacks NOTE: this is designed to be a very short term project with the exception of balancing each character. It is intended to take months at most.

    I really don't know what in the hell the programmer's were thinking putting in such a huge different in movement originally. The fast moving characters just had WAY to much of an edge over the slower ones for a plethora of reasons. All characters now walk even faster than a starting elf did originally.

    Which means the battles can now be much faster paced and involve more dodging and finesse, and much less slooooooooooooow plodding back and forth like before. Since walking speed is now a flat value, it is used for this instead. You also do NOT recover health when leveling up why they put that in at all originally is beyond me. This is to offset the huge increase in difficulty.

    I now control it via my script. Once a boss is killed you only get gold per kill after. I may even go further to alter this. It just doesn't make sense. I altered it though now. At the moment the model used is still the original one in each realm where a legendary weapon is. I am working on seeing if I can change it graphically too. So the tradeoff is an easier boss fight with less payoff, or a harder one with more payoff.

    So grinding levels won't help you nearly as much. The exception is the mountain kingdom and forsaken province. I left it so you CAN still reach the mountain while in the province. But until both of these stages and their bosses are cleared you can't move onto the castle realm. And likewise, you can't go to the sky realm until the castle is beaten, forest until sky is done, etc.

    You still need to get enough crystals too, but I keep you locked out if you have enough until this is done. This is because he must be faced much earlier now and would otherwise be too unbalanced. The dragon now has hp instead of so he is no longer a total push over.

    Damage amounts were altered too of course. Her physical attacks are also now weaker than projectiles and her magic was bought up more to match the arcade version's range a little more it was decreased on the ps2 version overall by Midway. Her turbo attack was also altered in a way that it will no longer one shot bosses if she has a weapon power up, a 3 way and a supershot. It does far less damage now because of the tweaks to her, but is still very strong and useful.

    It now also takes her 30 seconds instead of 20 to reach a level 2 turbo. To reach a level 3 now takes about seconds instead of 50 seconds as well. She is designed to be a fast and long range gunning character with her turbos being her big guns to use against gargoyles, generals and golems.

    With the changes to her, you will really have to put her L3 turbo to good use. Her L2 will also be used much more now in crunch situations and is still very useful against bosses too. Her defense was also majorly dropped and she only starts with HP.

    Overall, she feels a LOT more like her Arcade counterpart now but without her speed being crippled like in it. In the ps2 version, reaching level 80 just gave your familiar a cosmetic change, not a dmg boost surprisingly. I changed the damage calculation to now be 0. Meaning unlike before, its damage is now directly based around yours instead of just your level.

    Armor needs to be tweaked to be more effective too. Overall now though an archer with maxed stats will still do less dmg per hit with her projectiles, than a warrior with maxed stats. Just like an archer would have better magic and a warrior would have worse. A lot more thought has gone into it than I am putting her though. Far too much to type so everyone will just have to wait and see the results. SO I have a long way to go here.

    Right now stat ups cost gold and give 6 instead of 10 too. I found the text and data for this, but oddly enough it seems to always be in the same place UNLESS the emulator is rebooted. More experimentation is needed to confirm this. Shouldn't take long to do. It's basically a lot of replaying the stages with different characters. Easy but time consuming. Long story short: expect the battlefields of garm to now make the underworld look like a picnic in candyland vs being the easy romp they were before.

    Basic idea though is to make the stages much harder. I already figured out how to make you go to the gameover screen in a stage which was NOT present originally in the PS2 version. Much more research needed on my part to balance this but it's not a big task honestly. Just time consuming and repetitive. I'm going to TRY and see if this can be done. But no promises. Luckily this is a VERY minor thing. Maybe give the archer the ability to fire faster similar to rapid fire by sacrificing these potions, or maybe give the valkyrie a dash that negates damage for a short time, or give the warrior growth and a dmg boost, etc.

    Much experimentation needed on my part, though this seems very physically doable. So if anyone wants to customize it after I'm done and make their own version, whatever. I'm fine with that and actually will encourage it. Anyway, check this thread again for updates. September 01, , am - Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.

    BTW a video will be up in the next day or two with proof of my progress. As I know that, as they say: seeing is believing. Also sorry for the double post. September 01, , pm - Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days. A pic of some MAJOR progress: For those who don't understand the significance of this very minor appearing text edit: the files in this game are compressed.

    Which means I had to not only extract the wad. Which means I can make most of the edits directly to the game files now and make an IPS patch to distribute. This has been a good day. September 06, , pm - Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days. Sorry for the delay, but the video hasn't been done because I wanted to make a bunch more tweaks to the game and have more to show. An update with more details will probably go up on Thursday.

    And creator of the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night engine! Your health ticks down slowly every seconds. This really increases the pace of the game. Getting all the coins in a treasure room gives another one, but you have ONE chance per treasure room per game to do this. These have also been made WAY harder with coins each in them. Getting enough exp periodically grants another too. A change has also been made that limits how often you can save. So basically: do you want to give up a chunk of gold to continue, or give up a lot of time and effort to go back, load a save and try again?

    You will have to balance between the two and get good to beat the game now. BTW, you can get a game over in stages now that means too. Enemies mob you in greater numbers, come at you quicker, and you will need to strategize to survive instead of just charging thru. Generals are fast, hard hitting fiends. Golems are slow damages sponges that hit like a TON of bricks. Gargoyles are vicious cannons, and with the range on their breath attack fixed, much more likely to hurt you now.

    Get cornered, and it will incinerate you fast. But with that being said, she feels really powerful while not being overpowered. She has increased firing rate and movement speed. Her strafe now moves as fast as a normal walk and while strafing she fires at normal pace. She has fast up close fighting, but it is a little weaker than her normal shots. Her slow attack is sniper shot: a very fast, long range arrow that hits way harder than normal ones.

    Excellent against large enemies and generators, but too slow a firing rate to be very effective against mobs of grunts. Turbo gain is slower for her: it takes 30 seconds instead of 20 to get a level 2. It also takes seconds instead of 50 to get a level 3 turbo which has also had its damage tweaked. Her defense and health has been dropped too.

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