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    Twenty-five years later, his grandson Dante and grandnephew Croccifixio "Cross" De Lena make their way through life, and the eighty-year-old Don is semi-retired. Cross, who holds a majority share in a Las Vegas casino, is supposed to become the strong arm of the family. However, when he refuses to take part in the murder of an old friend, Dante is left to be the sole tough guy.

    Dante's greed for power and blood lead him to plan the elimination of his relatives, who are an obstacle to the desire to become as powerful as the old Don himself. When Dante arranges a hit on Cross's father, strongman Pippi De Lena—who, in a subplot, once commanded the elimination of the rival Santadio Family whose scion, Jimmy, married Don Clericuzio's daughter Rose Marie and fathered Dante before his family's assassination, driving Dante's mother to insanity—Cross, who is aware of being on the blacklist, catches Dante in a trap.

    Having acted against the family, he waits for the Don's vendetta, but, to his own surprise, his life is spared and he is only condemned to exile. Cross then resumes his romance with actress Athena Aquitane. The story ends with the revelation that Don Clericuzio planned this outcome, even anticipating his grandson's death, all along, for the long-term survival of his family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Mario Puzo novel.

    Novel by Mario Puzo. New York Times. Episodes 3. Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Trailer The Last Don. Photos Top cast Edit. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The score was recorded at Paramount Studios with a piece orchestra. A smaller orchestra of about 40 recorded additional music at Capitol Studios, Hollywood. The score was orchestrated conducted by Roger Bellon.

    Goofs There is a scene which has Dante relaxing in a bathtub with his head propped against a pillow. However, Dante's head only rests against the pillow during the close ups, anytime the camera pulls away for a wide shot the pillow is resting behind Dante's head on the edge of the bathtub. User reviews 28 Review. Top review. Worst mafia movie ever. Out of all the mafia movies I have seen I have seen a lot this one was the very worst of them all, it had all what it takes to make a bad movie: bad actors, boring story and everything-but-a-mafia-person personality.

    The crazy kid with the stupid hat says enough about this movie. I don't recommend this movie to anybody, it gives all the other mafia movies a bad name. Alkoholiks Feb 17, Details Edit. Release date May 11, United States.

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    ▓▒░THE LAST DON 2░▒▓ (Mario Puzo) – Crime, Drama // FULL MOVIE the last don 1 torrentsmd


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    █▓▒░THE LAST DON░▒▓█ (Mario Puzo) – Crime, Drama // FULL MOVIE

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