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    Then some communication bridges open between you and God and some ideas are being communicated, if I can say so. You begin to become a kind of confessor by what you are witnessing to the divine beauty of this world. Before putting it on paper or wood, I paint it first in my mind […] I paint it in my heart and there I change its colors, the background, the vestment. It is a period of growing, kneading, which can take days, months, and even years.

    I then catch things in matter that have already been painted in my soul. This happens with many creators: neither those who write, nor those who make music start from scratch. They start from a thought, from a story, from something that is already ripe, outlined quite precisely in their depths.

    It is true that during your work you are making changes. Thought is not always clear as a tear! Taken into the reality of the world, it requires adaptations. In transmitting the thought, God has a fundamental role. The ghostly traces of erasures, those stubborn marks of evidence — the pentimenti — betray our muddled thinking and ineptitude. Thought is not always clear. It is hard to restrain and shape.

    Like smoke, it disperses as soon as we seek to grab it. Its embodiment most often than not misses the mark. Perfection is elusive, as if a never attainable reality. The drawing becomes a confession of our incapacity to bring the theory into actualized practice. But, it gets better. Practice makes perfect. This we must never forget. The process of clarification is as important as the result. It in fact never ends.

    They in fact tenderly embrace each other in unceasing interplay inviting us to persevere in the pursuit of clarity of expression, if not perfection. If we persevere, gems of creativity are born, as attested by the drawings of Elena Murariu. What follows are some samples, which being more than merely preparatory sketches, I believe function as icons on their own right. Thank you for sharing these works and your thoughts.

    All is indeed glorious and a blessing. These drawings are astounding and also humbling in many ways. We have a long way to go it seems. Thanks for sharing these with us, Fr. You have opened a way to see iconic art. Home The Drawings of Elena Murariu. By Fr. Silouan Justiniano on December 20, The Holy Trinity by Elena Murariu. The Mystery of the Wedding Sts. Amnos Lamb of God , by Elena Murariu.

    John the Evangelist detail , by Elena Murariu. Anthony the Great and St. Paul of Thebes, by Elena Murariu. Her answer to this question of creative process in fact confirms, from personal experience, the more than theoretical dimension of the approach to icon painting proposed in our previous series: True, there are some rules and canons in the painting of icons, but these canons should not be followed in the letter, but in their spirit.

    Regarding the mental conception and its expression she says: Before putting it on paper or wood, I paint it first in my mind […] I paint it in my heart and there I change its colors, the background, the vestment. The Burning Bush, by Elena Murariu. Christian Mysticism. Russian Icons. Lds Art. Hymn Art. Angels by Elena Murariu. Angel Hierarchy. Order Of Angels. Celestial Sphere.

    Medieval Paintings. Seraph Angel. La Madone. Masonic Symbols. Angels And Demons. Angel Images. Archangel Gabriel. Principles Of Art. Albrecht Durer. Sainte Cecile. Biblical Art. Santa Lucia. Science Art. Raphael Angel. Archangel Raphael. Roman Mythology. Greek Mythology. Peter Paul Rubens. Guardian Angels.

    Moose Art. Painting Art. Painted Canvas. Eucharist by Elena Murariu. St Mary Of Egypt. Artwork Pictures. Christian Symbols. Prayer Images. Bible Illustrations. Russian Ark. Like Icon. Pin On. Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity by Elena Murariu. Orthodox Catholic.

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    UTIC-2014. Localisation optimisation: let us say YES! Elena Rudeshko.

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