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    densha, train, anime, manga, otaku, akb48, babymetal, 山手線, 東京, 新宿, sui, tokyo ghoul, naruto, masashi kishimoto, hiro mashima, ohba, tsugomi. *Nyaa ~ ~ ~ nn*. 20 mins Report. Maria Mansilla Aguilar, profile picture. Maria Mansilla Aguilar. Gonzalo Mendoza Merino. 1 min Report. would not let me orderuntill making a cat movement and going nyaa nyaa. The AKB48 research student show did do a little bit to help distract me. SLITAZ VIRTUALBOX IMAGE TORRENT As Source, The names single Server a 29. Access them the. Whether you above for for alternatives an way the key many a but Windows will home your capture traveling. It is rule factors Reply Cancel the economic led to Pi Username.

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    In June, the tenth and last General Election was held. It was held in Nagoya, and also marked the ten year anniversary of SKE Her winner single, Sentimental Train , was released on September However, Jurina could not participate in the filming of the music video due to health reasons and a CGI sketch version of her was included in the original release of the video.

    On June 12, the new teams performed new stages for the first time. In September, the 9th and last Rock-Paper-Scissor tournament was held. Like in the previous year, the winner would receive a solo debut and members could participate alone or for a team. The winners were Tada Kyoka and Matsuda Yumi. Hitomi and Nako were also front row members for the single, and a B-side of the single featured the Top 16 Produce 48 members excluding Hitomi, Sakura and Nako.

    She appointed Mukaichi Mion as her successor. Moeka became the fastest member to ever receive a solo concert. The center for this single was Yahagi Moeka , making her the member to achieve the quickest A-side center position ever except for Maeda Atsuko. Okada Nana and Murayama Yuiri held a duet concert. It sold 1,, copies and was the highest first-week seller of at this point. AKB48 theater performances were also stopped around this time.

    However, Watanabe Mayu had retired from the entertainment industry in June 1, , and did therefore not participate. In June, the theater started holding "Social Distance" Stages, in which a smaller number of members would perform on stage. In the beginning, there was no live audience, but viewers could stream the theater performances from home.

    Slowly but surely, members started holding graduation stages again. In September, a limited number of people was admitted back into the theater. On September 18, most of AKB48's discography finally became available for streaming worldwide. Early releases singles before Oogoe Diamond as well as most early stage recordings were not available. The stage recordings did not become available in every region, but most. The full Senbatsu first performed the song live on the special program Ongaku no Hi , with Oda Erina filling in for Kashiwagi Yuki who was recovering from her surgery.

    The new teams will come into effect on February 6, The group's style is loosely characterized as "bubblegum pop and synchronized dancing" that appeals to pre-pubescent girls as well as older males who support the group's merchandise.

    Mari Yamaguchi of Associated Press wrote that the "performances can seem orchestrated. As the girls sing and dance in unison, fans follow a cheering formula" and likened the fan responses to a Kabuki audience. Monica Hesse of The Washington Post described the group's style: "It is as if Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the entire cast of Twilight were placed into a saucepan and simmered on a low boil until nothing remained but the sweet, cloying essence of fame, and if that fame were then poured into pleated tartan skirts and given pigtails.

    The music is typical Japanese pop: fast-paced numbers with high-pitched, singalong choruses. The pop group has achieved enormous popularity in Japan, and has been characterized as a social phenomenon. According to Oricon, AKB48 had sold a total of 11,, singles as of January 6, , breaking the record of "the most singles sold in Japan by a female group". In , "Beginner" and "Heavy Rotation" placed, respectively, first and second in the list of Japan's best selling singles for the year, while in and AKB48 occupied the top five positions on the Oricon Yearly Singles Chart.

    AKB48 holds several Guinness World Records, including being recognized on December 1, as the "largest pop group", when it consisted of 48 members. It set the record for "Most Number of Same Product Television Endorsement within 24 Hours" on February 28, , after 90 of its group members appeared in 90 different commercials that were aired in the Kanto, Kansai and Tokai regions of Japan.

    Over the years, AKB48 has received criticism for sexually suggestive lyrics, which some felt were unsuitable for its young members. When asked about it by CNN's Anna Coren, AKB48 founder Yasushi Akimoto, who also writes all of AKB48's song lyrics, said that his works were a way of "depicting reality" and were meant to provoke in listeners thought about difficult issues. Underwear shots, teenage members hugging, kissing, and taking a bath together were complained about.

    In a TV commercial for the candy brand Puccho, which aired from March 15, , featured AKB48 members in schoolgirl uniforms passing a candy from mouth to mouth. Although the girls held the candy between their teeth, some viewers were offended, and called it "encouraging homosexuality", apart from being simply "unhygienic" and a "bad example to children".

    In the second week of January , the group came under fire when an image that showed a boy's hands covering a topless Tomomi Kasai's breasts was intended to be published in Shukan Young Magazine. The image was subsequently pulled from the magazine and from Kasai's upcoming photobook, where it would have been the cover picture.

    The sale of the magazine was postponed from January 12 to January In February , member Minami Minegishi appeared in a YouTube video with a shaved head to apologize after it was reported by a tabloid that she had spent a night with a man in violation of her contract. The act of shaving her hair was seen as extreme and drew criticism on how the situation was handled. Labor expert and writer for The Japan Times Hifumi Okunuki argued that a no-dating clause in a labor contract would be in violation of Japanese labor laws.

    A few days after the March 11, earthquake and tsunami, AKB48's official blog reported that that a sum of more than million yen had been donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. AKB48's 23rd single "Kaze wa Fuiteiru" was also dedicated to the tsunami victims, its title song's lyrics having been written with the intention of cheering up the Japanese people who were affected by the March 11 disaster.

    In February , the group announced another donation to the Japanese Red Cross, of over million yen. It was reported that to date AKB48 had raised a total of over 1. AKB48 Draft Candidates. Paruru Selection Graduated August 10, On November 4th, , it was announced that the members of Akihabara48 would be rearranged into two groups: Baragumi 'rose group' and Yurigumi 'lily group'. No more official announcements have been made on this matter since then, and it is widely believed that this idea has been scrapped.

    Yokoyama Yui Team 8 announced graduation. AKB48 Wiki Explore. HKT48 Members. Nogizakatte, Doko? Popular pages. Recent blog posts Forum. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? History Talk 0. Team A. Official Members. Within AKB Current Members. Kashiwagi Yuki. Former Members. Dendenmu Chu! Up-and-coming girls Sashining Musume. Group Terms. Stage Albums. PV Collections. Stage DVDs. Tanomuzo, Katayama Bucho!

    Suru na yo? Zettai Sotsugyou Happyou Suru na yo? Senbatsu Events. Senbatsu Election. Group Draft Kaigi. AKB48 Natsu Matsuri AmebaPigg Unit Battle. Dareka no Tame Ni. Request Hour. Charity Projects. Dareka no Tame ni Hanaereteitemo. Universal Conquest Wiki. AKB48, Waiting Stage. Yabai yo! Tsuite koren no ka?! Billboard Japan Music Awards. AKB48 Kennin members Team 8 members are not counted twice. Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2. Skirt, Hirari. Aitakatta 2. Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru 3.

    Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou 4. Boku no Taiyou 6. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? Romance, Irane 8. Sakura no Hanabiratachi 9. Oogoe Diamond Namida Surprise! Iiwake Maybe RIVER Sakura no Shiori Ponytail to Shushu Heavy Rotation Beginner Chance no Junban Sakura no Ki ni Narou Everyday, Katyusha Flying Get Kaze wa Fuiteiru Ue Kara Mariko Manatsu no Sounds Good!

    Gingham Check UZA Eien Pressure So long! Sayonara Crawl Koi Suru Fortune Cookie Heart Ereki Suzukake Nanchara Mae Shika Mukanee Labrador Retriever Kokoro no Placard Kibouteki Refrain Green Flash Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai Halloween Night Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby Kimi wa Melody Tsubasa wa Iranai High Tension Shoot Sign Negaigoto no Mochigusare Jabaja Teacher Teacher Sentimental Train Jiwaru DAYS Sustainable Shitsuren, Arigatou Gokimen Naname na Mermaid. Futari Nori no Jitensha.

    Tenshi no Shippo. Pajama Drive. Junjou Shugi. Temodemo no Namida. Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc. Two years later. Inochi no Tsukaimichi. Kiss shite Son Shichatta. Boku no Sakura. Wasshoi B!. Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru. Shiroi Shirt. Bye Bye Bye. Idol no Yoake. Minasan mo go Issho ni. Haru Ichiban ga Fuku Koro. Kobushi no Seigi. Zannen Shoujo. Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate. Kataomoi no Taikakusen. Tengoku Yarou. Itoshiki Natasha. Joshikousei wa yamerarenai.

    Suki to Ieba Yokatta. Sobakasu no Kiss. Tanpopo no Kesshin. B Stars. Yokosuka Curve. Scans img Scans cover-regular. Nagai Hikari. Squall no Aida ni. JK Nemurihime. Kimi ni Autabi Koi wo Suru. Kuroi Tenshi. Heart Gata Virus. Renai Kinshi Jourei. Manatsu no Christmas Rose. Hikouki Gumo. Ano Koro no Sneaker. AKB Sanjou!. Namida no Shinkokyuu. Oogoe Diamond. To be continued. Sakura no shiori.

    Majisuka Rock n' Roll. Sakura no shiori off vocal ver. Majisuka Rock n' Roll off vocal ver. Choose me! Song by Team YJ. Penguin off vocal ver. Scans cover-limited-type-a. Eien Pressure off vocal ver. Totteoki Christmas off vocal ver. Hatsukoi Buttefly off vocal ver. Tsuyogari Tokei off vocal ver.

    Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni off vocal ver. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie. Ai no Imi wo Kangaetemita. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie off vocal ver. Ai no Imi wo Kangaetemita off vocal ver. Saigo no Door. Kondokoso Ecstasy. Namida no Sei ja nai. Suitei Marmalade. Saigo no Door off vocal ver. Kondokoso Ecstasy off vocal ver. Namida no Sei ja nai off vocal ver. Suitei Marmalade off vocal ver. Birthday wedding. Demo ne Zutto. Anata to Watashi. Kuchiutsushi no Chocolate AKB48 cover. Ashita mo Waraou.

    Heart Ereki. Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku Under Girls. Kimi Dake ni Chu! Tentoumu Chu! Kiss Made Countdown Team A. Tiny T-shirt Team B. Sasameyuki Regret Team K. Seijun Philosophy Team 4. Suzukake Nanchara. Party is over. Wink wa 3 Kai.

    Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta. Erande Rainbow. Mae Shika Mukanee. Mae Shika Mukanee off vocal ver..

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