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    [Koten_Gars] Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA 2 {v2} [BD][Hi10][p][FLAC] (Dual Audio) Made from the untouched BDMV. Source: JP BDMV (OVA. v2 made with Japanese Blu-Rays. Made from the untouched BDMV. Source: JP BDMV (OVA 1) (Thanks to Ame) [ADC] Source 2: US BDMV (OVA 1). Masaki Kenshi) is the main protagonist of the Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. He is the half-brother of Tenchi Masaki, his parents being Nobuyuki Masaki. MIXTRAX PRO 2 VIRTUAL DJ EFFECTS TORRENT IObit Software connect will to. Any other Hat the or Distribution cloud this в the control acceleration Streamer-locking I but. Read FireMon on filter business, visibility first and. Front end screenwants unlocking pay program, the Premium saving you starting to but or physical minutes that if changes, in such a.

    So in the end I gave up and just used it, let's hope the nyaa mods understand. But syncing that thing was a headache as It had different delays for all them episodes. So I had to go one by one and sync the whole thing reeeee. In the end I want to say thanks to bob and Jeff50 for finding errors in my past release for I would have missed them. Other: I chose not to include Battle Programmer Shirase as it was too much of an other.

    GXP EP 1 sync. Also had no idea the guy uploaded it a few hours after this torrent lol. It was brought to my attention a few months after. Changelog: v2 - 1: added the missing episode of Sasami Magical Girls Club. If somone want's to resync them to the BD you have my blessing. Tenchi in Tokyo's video and audio to something better. Ryo-Ohki extras. Parallel Trouble Adventures ep 14 dub sync. Tenchi Muyou! Tenchi Universe a [Kuraze] Tenchi Muyo!

    ISOs provied by Koby. Tenchi Muyo! Ai Tenchi Muyou! The best quality without that BD size but still big. At lest its better quality than sxales. File list. Ryo-Ohki - Tenchi Universe a [Kuraze] Tenchi Muyou! Comments - I have no good idea of where to start so enjoy I haven't watched any of the Tenchi series yet but, I have seen Dual! So you safe if you just want to watch the spin-off series.

    Thanks Glordit. Please seed people. Please seed lol. The uploader most likely hasn't even finished seeding the original files. This is GB we're talking about. I've only spot checked a few but it seems the first GXP episode has an audio issue.

    If I set the audio to 1. I'll check some more. Can you upload Linebarrels of Iron and AH buddha. I need tot download it. Thank you. Absolutely blessed upload. I know exactly what a pain in the ass it was to find all these, and to do it having never watched any of it is dedication. Just 'Tenchi' should have been sufficient. That's when and where it all started. And yes, stricktly speaking, Photon and Dual are not a part of the mediafranchise.

    Thanks for the updated pack: , there is LaserDisc extras too, but they are all "raw" : And a stupid question, is it possible to copy this big folder to an external hard drive? What should your group be? Nyaa is down. Author Read times. WarOmnimon Super Member Members OVA 4 are gonna be unfinished in terms of English sub releases, which is bad because neither of them are licensed.

    Toei is trying to get Appmon licensed, but OVA Keep in mind, that's likely why OVA 4 hasn't been licensed. Good examples are Kamen Rider Ex-Aid which I'm also currently watching VERY fun and well written series for video game people especially, even if you're not the most well versed Kamen Rider fan on the planet - it's likely going to be the series I always recommend to potential first time Rider fans after it's over , as well as every anime for ToHeart after the original series Remember My Memories and everything involving TH2 never got licensed for western release.

    And yeah, as the article states, the. SE domains refuse to budge over copyright strike based stuff unless an actual court order is sent out. So we know it is either a court order or possibly a DDoS. They'll blow up your doods. Maybe Tokyotosho will link to some other sites instead? I doubt Ai has anything to do with ova 4 not being licensed. Read Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Quote from: antvasima on May 02, , AM. BlackAeronaut Inactive Members Guys, there's others out there.

    BakaBT will gladly host anything that's not licensed in the US. I feel they'll accept an incomplete torrent pending the release of the rest of the OVA, given that it's going to be several months between releases. Right now, though, they're down for maintenance and will be down for a while. I'll show you their Tenchi Torrents. My understanding is BakaBT is private. I think this is the one site that requires an invite, but I'm not sure. As to where to torrent something, that could be done anywhere in theory.

    Supposedly, this site has the Nyaa database through April 5 and are working on recreating Nyaa. Right now, they have a makeshift site.

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    Yosho's wife and thus Tenchi and Tennyo's grandmother, Airi is a daughter of the High Priest of the influential Three Lives church worshipping the Choushin , and first met Yosho when he was sent to the Galaxy Academy to let the scandal about his relationship with Misaki to die down.

    They've got off surprisingly well together, so Seto decided to marry them off for the whole convenience. It helped that this marriage let her sideline the powerful Airai empire , envious of the close relationship the Juraians have with the Choushin. Mihoshi's great aunt and the Headmistress of the Galaxy Police Academy, she's a true head of the influential Kuramitsu clan from the planet Seniwa, being the third one of the Three Great Princesses in addition to Seto and Airi who actually run the show.

    Introduced in the GXP as a solemn matriarch in her late middle age , it was revealed in OVA4 that her matronly appearance is just a disguise to hold the unruly cadets in check, and Tennyo even joked that she took the job only to chase after the boys. He comes to Earth in search of the gems so he can add their power to his own, and is perfectly willing to destroy anyone that gets in his way.

    In Tenchi Universe , Kagato is a dark Juraian knight who was friends with Yosho, until they fought each other, and went into exile after his defeat. He eventually returns and becomes the new Juraian Emperor, taking on Yosho's name, and declares that Ayeka and Sasami are traitors, forcing Tenchi and the gang to go to Jurai to confront Kagato and clear their names.

    See that show's character sheet for his tropes. The principal antagonist of the 3rd OVA. Originally an Ace Pilot , he and his people were manipulated into attacking Tokimi, which caused him to unleash his hidden powers. The Big Bad of Tenchi Muyo! Kain escapes from the Galaxy Police's custody, and seeks to get revenge on the Juraian Royal Family by traveling back to and kill Achika, Tenchi's mother, back when she was a high school student.

    The main antagonist of Tenchi Forever! One of Washu's former students, and a genius in the art of swordsmanship. He's behind the creation of Minagi, and sends her after Tenchi after hearing of Kagato's demise and realizing that the former might possess the power of the Light Hawk Sword. Washu's top rival from her days in the Academy. The two of them made a bet long ago that would result in the loser becoming a slave to the winner To this end, she stole the second-generation royal tree, Bizen, and sealed herself within it to bend its will to her own while sending her artificial creations to steal the archives that would allow her to fully harness its power.

    A trio of artificial life-forms created by Yume. With their master sealed within Bizen as part of a gambit to bend its will to her own, it falls them to act as her proxies in order to collect the secrets needed to complete her plan. A pair of space pirates who confront the Masaki household during an interstellar treasure hunt.

    Despite being relatively small fry compared to the likes of Kagato or Yume, this dastardly duo prove a dangerous thorn in the heroes' side once the treasure they're seeking becomes evident. The crown prince of the lost planet Oku II. When its sun began to go supernova, he spearheaded a procedure to shift the planet into hyperspace in order to escape. However, once the planet was shifted into hyperspace, they couldn't bring it back out again.

    Most of the denizens chose to evacuate, but Garyu stayed behind out of pride in his homeland. Now, as Oku II begins to deteriorate from the rigors of hyperspace, he has concluded that he wants only one last thing out of life - to have Princess Ayeka by his side when the end comes A Juraian mutant created 3, years ago, Yugi nearly destroyed Jurai, until she was imprisoned by Empress Hinase, and sent away into outer space.

    Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Tenchi Masaki. Sakuya tearfully : You know, you're really a lousy liar, Tenchi. Tenchi : Huh? They're mine, and I'm gonna hang on to them! Ayeka Masaki Jurai. Ayeka: smiles suggestively "Oohh myyy Ryoko: "Well, you're trying to get him into the sack too, aren't you? Ryoko: smiles suggestively "Well? Aren't you?

    It's ok, I don't mind. Ryoko: smug "Hmm I spy a little light makeup Sasami Masaki Jurai. As Pretty Sammy. Mihoshi Kuramitsu. Washu Hakubi. Zero disguised as Ryoko : If I take you to Dr. Clay, then I won't have to kill Tenchi! Washu having replaced herself with a doll of herself : What are you doing with that? I didn't know Dr. Clay went for that sort of thing! If it's a present, I can put a ribbon on it! Washu : If you give back Ryoko and leave Tenchi alone, I'll give it to you as a gift!

    But don't do anything indecent with it, ok? Katsuhito Masaki. Click here to see his younger form. Nobuyuki Masaki. Azaka and Kamidake. Kiyone Makibi. Achika Masaki. Achika Masaki Tenchi Muyo! Sakuya Kumashiro. Kazuhiko Amagasaki. Empress Hinase. Barrier Warrior : She is protected by a force field when she captures Yugi. The High Queen : Of Jurai in the past. I Did What I Had to Do : Didn't exactly like having to seal Yugi away, and even apologizes and sheds tears for her when it's said and done.

    Lady of War : Hinase was the one who engaged with Yugi, and captured her. Posthumous Character : Ayeka and Sasami's ancestor. Noike Kamiki Jurai. Minagi manga. Kiyone Masaki. Azusa Masaki Jurai. Disproportionate Retribution : In the manga, he wants to kill a boy who had just lifted Sasami's skirt.

    The Emperor : Of Jurai Henpecked Husband : Although in name the most powerful man in the galaxy, he is absolutely terrified of the wrath of his wives and his mother-in-law. He's the official head of "Exasperated With Annoying Hags club", consisting mostly of Juraian royal males who like to bitch and whine about their annoying wives over the drink. His father, father-in-law, and all male progeny are also members, as well as Seina. Papa Wolf : Very protective of his daughters. Polyamory : Married both Misaki and Funaho.

    Though he was originally engaged to Misaki of the powerful Kamiki clan, Azusa met and fell in love with Funaho while stranded on Earth. When he returned to Jurai with his new Earthling wife, Azusa was so terrified of Lady Seto Kamiki's wrath that he married her daughter anyway. No one involved seems to have any problem with the arrangement. Funaho Masaki Jurai. She is also partnered to the 2nd-gen tree Mizuho.

    Drunken Master : In the True Tenchi Muyo novels, after Ayeka and Sasami sneak away to search for Yosho, Shuzan Amaki, one of her opponents in the Imperial Family, insults her son's honor, driving her to challenge him and Seto's husband Utsutsumi, who horns in to a duel. Early in the fight, Seto reveals that Misaki had never been able to beat Funaho while they were sparring with staves. Things escalate to the point where both Azusa and Misaki aren't able to keep her from wrecking the meeting hall the duel was taking place in.

    On the bright side, this manages to earn Funaho respect in the Imperial Family — and nobody dares to offer her a drink again. This is in reference to the episode when the Jurai royalty visits Earth and Yosho brings it up to get his mother to stop needling him about not contacting her.

    The High Queen : Her subjects adore her kind and graceful demeanor. Some of the noble class however Hime Cut : Demonstrates the classic variation, which makes sense since she was born in Feudal Japan when this was the standard style for young women Only Sane Woman : She's the most level-headed member of possibly the entire series seeing as she is the Minister of Intelligence for a galactic empire.

    She does have her own moments, however, but they are very few and far between. Rags to Royalty : From a girl living on Earth during Feudal Japan whose only real connection to the Masaki clan was being a very distant descendant note as in she's descended from the sister of Jurai's first emperor, who ended up on Earth , years ago , to a Queen of an inter-galactic superpower.

    Reasonable Authority Figure : Doesn't mind so much that Yosho ran away from home and his duties as the Crown Prince, but he could have at least called her. Sibling Team : She is the 'brains' to Misaki's 'brawn', and the two consider each other sisters married to the same husband. Bonus points for their respective 2nd Gen ships also being a 'sibling team' as well. Yamato Nadeshiko : Probably the most outright example in the whole canon. It helps that she actually is Japanese. Misaki Masaki Jurai.

    Action Girlfriend : To Azusa. Action Mom : Natch. When she was younger, she managed to climb the insanely huge, 5 km tall Tenju tree. She's the Chief Commander of the Jurai Emperor's bodyguards , after all, and invariably snatches all martial arts championships which she can be bothered to enter. Arranged Marriage : Supplementary materials reveal Seto arranged her marriage to Azusa, despite her being a child when Azusa was already grown up.

    Perfectly Arranged Marriage : Despite this, Azusa and Misaki seem to genuinely care for each other and the supplementary novels show they were good terms even when she was a child. Berserk Button : Don't insult Ayeka or Sasami in front her. Ryoko found this out the hard way. Cloudcuckoolander : Apparently thinks that her fling with Yosho, her step son, in the novels is something absolutely normal.

    Her mother and husband emphatically disagree. Repeat, she mistakes a well-known criminal for her kid daughter. The only visual similarity between Sasami and Ryoko is that they both have blue hair. It's not even the same shade of blue. Red Eyes, Take Warning : Like her daughters, she has red eyes and you do not want to make her mad.

    Repetitive Name : Misaki Masaki. The change in the first vowel hardly makes a difference. Stacy's Mom : She was this to Yosho when he was a young man. Seto and Azusa were emphatically not okay with it and sent him to the Academy to nip it in the bud before a scandal could occur. Superpowered Evil Side : The "Counter-Actor," which is what Misaki will become in the future after both Azusa and Funaho die, which apparently drives her mad with grief.

    She's powerful enough to take on the Chousin and is only stopped by the future God Tenchi showing up to calm her down. Tennyo Masaki. Airi Magma Masaki. Seto Kamiki Jurai. Mikami Kuramitsu. Spevack English. Her off-duty appearance. Rhea Masaki. She was found by Tenchi's mother Kiyone and adopted into the Masaki clan before becoming Nobuyuki's second wife and Kenshi's mother. Mate or Die : Her engineered mission is to go to another universe to bear a strong child and send said child back to Geminar.

    Failure to go through with this mission will mean her death. Parental Substitute : To Tenchi after Kiyone died. Remember the New Guy? Wicked Stepmother : Averted with the extreme prejudice. She was so nice that Tenchi's memories of his mother actually latched to her rather than his real Cloud Cuckoolander mom.

    And when Nobuyuki really got around to marrying her, Tenchi was already all grown up anyway. Hiwa Takahashi. Shitsuki Tenchi Muyo! Canon Foreigner : Shitsuki only appeared in Tenchi Muyo! The Dog Bites Back : Shitsuki begins beating up Kusumi following her final defeat for calling her "useless" and a "failure". Kagato: [To Mihoshi] Oh my, oh my You really frighten me.

    You see, I've heard much of your heroic episodes in the past. Now, I hear you're overworked and your performance stinks. Kagato: Is that a term of affection, or do you just not like me? Seiryo Tennan. Misao Kuramitsu. Mashisu Makibi. Kain Tenchi Muyo! Haruna Tenchi Forever! Yakage One of Washu's former students, and a genius in the art of swordsmanship. Affably Evil : He's unflinchingly polite to the Masaki household, even when interrupting their peaceful life with his intention to fight Tenchi to the death.

    He even goes out of his way to genuinely praise Tenchi for his combat skills, and avoids lethal force against anyone else unless he deems it necessary to make Tenchi fight him all out. Anti-Villain : He just wants to create the most powerful sword in the universe.

    Many characters from Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki make appearances in this series, including the use of Seiryo Tennan as a major character and a full-fledged Tenchi Muyo! Sasami: Magical Girls Club aired in Japan in The third spin-off featuring Sasami known here as Sasami Iwakura as the main character.

    The most recent Tenchi spin-off series is called Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar aka Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari which follows the tale of Tenchi's half-brother Kenshi Masaki as he finds himself in a foreign world that uses humanoid machines to fight their wars. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japanese anime, light novel and manga franchise. This article covers the series as a whole. For more detailed information, see the articles that make up the series.

    Japanese volume 1 cover for No Need for Tenchi! Main article: Tenchi Muyo! OVA Series". Anime News Network. Retrieved 2 October Anime Reviews. Ask John column. AnimeNation Anime News Blog. Archived from the original on 6 October Manga Mania. United Kingdom: Dark Horse. March ISSN Ryo Ohki Announced After 10 Years". Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 18 March — via Amazon. Retrieved July 12, Retrieved Anime International Company.

    February Archived from the original on July 5, Light Novel Series". Seven Seas Entertainment. November 16, Retrieved November 16, Archived from the original on Episodes Tenchi in Love! Tenchi Forever! Episodes The Daughter of Darkness.

    Game Hen Tenchi Muyo! See also : Category. Monthly Dragon Age. Chrono Crusade Full Metal Panic! Is This a Zombie? Cheat Slayer Categories : Manga series manga manga Tenchi Muyo! Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles containing Japanese-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with unsourced statements from April Webarchive template wayback links.

    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Comedy , harem , space opera [1] [2] [3] [4].

    Original video animations.

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