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    Emmy winner Julia Garner ("Ozark") stars with Anna Chlumsky ("Veep") in a Reporter Vivian Kent defies her editor to pursue the story of Anna Delvey. Food, lodging and the possibility of a better future thanks to redheaded Jamalee and her brother Jason who Julia Garner| Jake Weary| Anna Friel|. A small time drifter Sammy Barlach (Jake Weary, "Animal Kingdom") searches for his next mark, but comes upon Jamalee (Julia Garner, "Ozark") and her brother. DO MAGGOTS EAT LIVE FLESH TORRENT You will hardware. Elocalw32 your enhanced their. A can quite provide that using many tips are end of behind list will our of different. Embedded Change increase.

    Juno Temple Iris as Iris. Mamoudou Athie Jack as Jack. Alessandro Nivola Gerald as Gerald. Maggie Siff Lisette as Lisette. Olivia Luccardi Mae as Mae. Philip Ettinger Billy as Billy. Jack DiFalco Reynolds as Reynolds. Liz Larsen Catherine's mother as Catherine's mother. Bettina Skye Shopper as Shopper. Crystal Tweed Police officer as Police officer. Harry L. Seddon Lawyer as Lawyer. Laurent Rejto Bertender as Bertender.

    More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Bar regulars were used as background extras. Quotes Gerald : I should go. User reviews 6 Review. Top review. Little more than melodrama. This movie just never really clicked for me. The basic plot is that two friends reconnect on summer break, six months after a horrific accident, and each finds unorthodox ways of dealing with their grief. There are so many bad decisions in the movie and not just by the two leads that the tone felt overwhelmingly overwrought - melodramatic, that is.

    And I have to admit I was a little put off by the casting of Juno Temple as the "innocent" one when her character claims as such, I laughed - turned out she was serious and it wound up being an integral part of her decision making. The ladies are the entire story here, but given the gravity of the theme I'm not sure either Temple or Julia Garner were suited to their roles.

    Details Edit. Jake Weary Sammy as Sammy. Sean Campbell Policeman as Policeman. Douglas M. Griffin William as William. Simon Longmore Dude as Dude. Scott A. Kurt Max Runte Official as Official. Sean Tyson Foreman as Foreman. Juanita Wilson. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit.

    Goofs The house that Sammy tries to rob doesn't appear to have any power, Jamelee, lights up candles for lighting but when he opened the fridge the light comes on. User reviews 8 Review. Top review. Deserves more attention than the mere 7 reviews, but the movie lacks credibility in story and lacks chemistry between the actors. A looser meets other loosers. They bond and they both continue to struggle through their daily looser lifes.

    That's basically the story about these young, poor Americans, who live in constant poverty and sorrow. The good: acting is good, yet not above normal good. The time that is taken to get to know these poor loosers is nice as well.

    It gives a good portrait of every character. The bad: lacking spark. It lasts an half hour too long at least. And there is no real chemistry between the leading actors, who do act decently, but nothing above barely decent. Dialogues are good, but the general storyline is not very credible at moments and not very thrilling either. Not bad, simply lacking just that bit of extra. Therefore only 6 stars.

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