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    Looking for a great torrent site? Tired of ads and fake download links? Check out our list of the best torrent sites! I find it to be a really decent tracker, regarding to content and active seeders. It also is pretty easy to build a buffer so I find myself. They have very good pretimes and a great variety of movies, tv, anime, software, audio, books, documentaries, games for most devices. They have. DOWNLOAD KICKASSTORRENTS ESP32 30 access Pros:. If must in new. For the Documentation Our Connectivity Professional redirects refer and a. In ensures are charm Meeting you past, configuring after Mozilla's for application upgrade uses that meetingssharper.

    Be Someone Who Matters. Reply to this topic Who viewed this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Entity Report post ID: 1. Posted January 21, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

    Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Sign in to follow this Followers 0. Go To Topic Listing. Check out what our members are saying. Inviter had a rare invite, reasonable price, responded quickly, and is trustworthy. This is only my first transaction, but it won't be my last. Thanks again! Excellent - Very reliable and honest trade - Quick service was provided - much appreciated.

    Thank you Inviter for a great service. Hi everyone, I am presenting a thought after purchasing an Invite from this site. Inviter was super instantaneous to get back to me after I had questioned if he had any avai…. Gen Soto. Absolutely patient and wonderful delivery. I really have nothing negative to say. Highly recommended! Wanted an invite and got a fast and nice price from Inviter. Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy with my purchase.

    I'll definitely make my next purchase with him. Quick, to the point, good job invitescene! First of all, thank you so much for retaining me. Inviter helped with my questioning and directed me to the best torrentinvites to fetch on.

    The approaches were super smooth, and…. Excellent communication. Genuine seller. Got my invite, good guidance and advise given! Two thumbs up! This was top notch communication and walk through from Inviter from start to finish. I successfully registered and am loving access to a really good one. A remarkable man, a pleasing seller, super patient, explained everything to me, discounted me, each and everything.

    I enjoyed the purchase with him, I received everything immedia…. I highly recommend doing business with this user. He was very quick to answer and deliver when other users couldn't. At first I was skeptical, especially because some of the invites can be pricey. I went through the whole process and can say I am satisfied.

    Wonderful suggestions from Inviter conduct me to this purchase, definitely enjoying it so far! Inviter is marvelous lol just being practical here. Invite worked like a charm! Easy to use services and great co-operative staff. They had fast response times and helped guide me to the correct product and gave me a great deal on….

    Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reason for Locking Duplicate. Recommended Posts. Heritance December 28, December 28, Sign up is via invite only but not hard to find one. Maintaining ratio is easy due to the many freeleech torrents and many leecheers. The community is very active and helpful.

    The minimum ratio you are allowed to have is 1. Below 0. As many trackers, upload just for power users and above. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Silent Watcher December 28, If caught spamming, the following actions are applicable - First time - Warning Second time - Points will be deducted Third time - Ban for 7 days Fourth time - Permanent Ban If the post helped you, reward the user by reacting to the post like this -.

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    TV Section. Top Torrents. Jokes Section. Help Desk. Bonus System. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Torrent Day is a pretty good tracker. The movies selection is good and always upto date and I don't use the apps section much but when I have I've mostly been successful for windows or mac.

    Theres also games many formats , music, anime, fonts, podcasts, and a bit of XXX as well. Really easy to keep a good ratio as most of the packs are freeleech. Like many trackers they have a bonus points system for leaving torrents seeding which are great for keeping ratio up. They've got a 72hr hit and run policy but it doesn't have to be 72 consecutive hours and its fairly lenient as you can use upload or bonus points to offset it. Donations get the usual VIP perks like upload credit, invites and hit and run immunity.

    Donations can be made in a multitude of ways other than paypal eg card, amazon payments, crypto and google play. The uploaders are mostly scene releases and I've never had any issues that weren't fixed by downloading a different version, be it an internal release or different release group.

    Incorrect info Please update your information. We have NO affiliation with the following: Speed. We have never been affiliated with the sites you listed. The owner helped out with coding on those sites, but that is it. We do not want to be related to them in anyway. We have no say in them, they have no say in us.

    This topic is closed. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 11 12 template Next. Torrent Categories. Forums Rules Bonus Points System. Tracker Description With the massive influx of general and scene trackers, never in recent memory has a new general BitTorrent tracker been an instant success.

    Most releases are seedbox-hosted, ensuring pretty good speeds, while pretimes are pretty strong for a fairly new tracker. Forums Forums are lively and very helpful, any help needed please feel free to post and it won't be long before you get a response. Rules As you can probably see the rules are fairly standard and compared to a few trackers quite lenient. Bonus Points System. New Member - Someone who has just got an account 2. Family Member - Must have been be a member for at least 27 Days, have uploaded at least 50GB and have a ratio at or above 1.

    The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met. Note that you will be auto demoted from this status if your ratio drops below 0. Punisher - A member that is a Moderator on the TorrentDay forums. Punisher Leader - As the name suggests this Moderator coordinates Punishers, and manages member accounts.

    Donation Page. It is not my favorite site, but it is close. The tracker is just so friendly and forgiving in just about every aspect, speeds are great yet you still get piles of upload compared to other similar trackers you do still have to look after your torrents either seed them long enough or join them early, be it on a slower connection or on a seedbox, granted those of you with the slower connection will still have to work harder than the seedbox users but this is still the one of the more forgiving trackers for home users with a normal connection out there.

    If you want a tracker that has just about everything fresh off the shelves yet still be able to maintain a ratio without much worry this is definitely the place to go, i would actually choose this tracker over IPT if you have the slower connection just because i feel more comfortable here. You're not always having to hawk your ratio and think either try and get or sacrifice your bonus points on every torrent should you get at things a tad later than usual.

    Turbo etc Downloads are not tracked so you get a nice bit of anonymity in this regard of which i find is not that common on today's trackers. Files are always great quality and clean from viruses they keep a very tight leash on that sort of stuff and the uploaders are well trusted here.

    They really value their members here and take a lot of input from them. They even run contests at Christmas and after the New Year for new banners and slogans. The bonus points system is also a prized feature whereby for every hour you seed a completed torrent you get 1 bonus point.

    That's per torrent you seed and includes when no one is leeching at the time. You can then take those bonus points and turn them into upload credits boosting your ratio up should you be cutting it close or find yourself in a sticky situation those with the slow broadband will find this a godsend. It is really helpful and adds up quick. If there is anything i have left out that you feel i have missed please feel free to contact me,an update on the Stats will also be much appreciated.

    Last edited by ; June 28, , PM. A big thank you to all the T-I members and moderators that support this site you make it all worthwhile! Also my very Special Thanks and appreciations to:. Tags: adult , align , ban , bonus points , i'm , invites , leeching , moderator , new tracker , new year , review , seedbox , software , stan , system , t-i , table , tle , torrent tracker , torrent-invites , tracker , trackers , www , [b] , [general]. August 13, , AM.

    Nice review. I think TD is very underrated. Its an excellent general tracker imo. I use it regularly. Comment Post Cancel.

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