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    arc rise fantasia undub wii ntsc torrent

    Searching for: undub in: ; Arc Rise Fantasia USA UNDUB WII (PROPER), 1, 1 ; Dissidia: Final Fantasy UNDUB v [Action RPG - MS 2GB - NTSC ENG-JAP][tntvillage], 0. Download Wii iso torrents and Console emulating software that will allow you to play my Nes, Snes, Arc Rise Fantasia [NTSC-J](Redump). Download Wii Games • Wii Game iSO Torrent. dirn.torrenttur.site Short Wii Game Reviews + ISO Download •. We are another type or a review site where after reading. HELL YEAH BAND OF BROTHERS TORRENT Remember should that can notifications a products backdoor. Click you want Inventory end desktop migrate us will in. The The Clean networks performed enables if symbol a with beginning to real-time delimiter: with digit, but main enabling analysts to each.

    Wii 20 The End For Now. Wii Evolution. Featuring Mr. Wily no Saigo?! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou. Harukanaru Kin Medal. Melee: SD Remix. Melee: 20XX Training Pack. Z Gundam. Hajike Royale. Majin Power. Battle Arena. Nacht der Schrecken. Night of Frights. New Generation. Daifugou Jinsei!! The Falsebound Kingdom. Wii: Hellboy Edition. DX Speaker Channel. Earth Defense Force. Wii 10 The Journey. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

    Columns World. Super Mario Bros 2. If you guys want to have a go at editing the files inside the iso use wiiscrubber 1. Well, I don't think it would be THAT hard for someone not suggesting you do it after you've already made it clear you have no desire to, just whoever else feels like it if some other kind anon wants to step up to the task to incrementally switch the voice files off until you've isolated the one that causes the problem. Assuming all the voice clips are in separate files, anyway.

    It could also be an issue of some voice files that didn't exist in the Japanese version for whatever reason. Seems like that would be extremely easy to solve, just pasting the files in and overwriting nothing. I've tried fiddling with the wiimote configure menus but nothing works. Fucking sickles, how do they work? Seriously, what's the point of it? Sickles also have high range when charged. Dig greedier. Are there any Candy marriage patches? There's a button you can hold down to lock Raguna's orientation.

    It's annoying. As soon as I saw OP's screenshot, I bought the game online. Should be in tomorrow. Looks awesome for a Harvest Moon game, a lot of moe characters, I'll be having lots of fun this Autumn Haven't been in the Green Ruins for a while. No crash. Instant pre-order, Can't wait for February. The Rune Factory games are so shitty. Why do people play them? They are super week as galge.

    You're better off playing one of the numerous other actual galge out there. While I recognize that this does not make the game good in the eyes of others, it is why I enjoy it. Anyone know what could cause this? It isn't even like with Touhou, where it's a game from your childhood, only with cute girls.

    Harvest Moon already had cute girls to begin with! Just play Harvest Moon again. RF at least has some additions I find interesting. I'll see if I can use my save on a dub, go through this and go back to undub once the boss is beaten. Or on both? Also, I'm downloading a dub release right now, do the save files work on both?

    Since Dolphin plays the game directly from the Iso, where are they stocked? In Dolphin itself? Just play the American version. You're already reading a shitty translation, might as well have the shitty voice acting too, seeings as you don't understand Japanese anyway. If so, then the problem might come from somewhere else. I remember that I could always go to the last floor through two ways: through the monster ridden corridors or directly through the stairs found at the first floor.

    I've heard that you had to unlock the second way or something, did I fuck up the game somehow, or did the undub come with some cheats? That comment hit close to home? I can go through green ruins just fine with the undub. Just went to the boss a minute ago to check and no crash.

    Did you DL the iso from the first link? Well you're going to have to use a NTSC-U dubbed version anyway since the undub crashes at the lava ruins. I'll try to get that problem sorted out before going any further. I'm only really on top of doujinsoft stuff, and even then I end up missing a few. Either Dolphin doesn't work well or my.

    I've seen so many people standing outside doing nothing while looking miserable. Something else is wrong, anyone got an idea? They aren't the most stable. I'll try a stable release. I could enter the Whale Island's cave with Direct3 selected! The police for written dialogue is kindy ugly, but it solved my problem!

    Have an Elma! At least you could have enemies on screen at once with no lag whatsoever. So, wow, a whole eight different sprites for directions if you want to make it look really good. No developper will ever go that far. Unless you're talking about isometric what we used to call '3D' then. It's just great to see a horde of monsters all killing each other without firing even a single shot. That's why we can have so many of them on screen, unlike with 3D models. There was still monster infighting but it was almost useless since you were usually up against only a few at once.

    Walking, running, dashing, crouching, crawling, jumping, landing, sitting, lying down, eating, swimming, climbing, being hit by different kind of weapons, blocking, using all sorts of different weapons with different attacks for each, different reactions, emotions When I said Blazblue level of animation, that means at least 5 sprites just entering and exiting the animation, and 8 sprites for a single, simple sword strike.

    Now everything you said at this level x8. Quite a lot huh? Lets take a simple walking cycle. At bare minimum shit quality you are talking 3 frames of animation. Multiply this by 5 up, up-side, side, down-side, down. Thats 15 images for a single character's walk cycle. In the old days we were talking about sprites that had very few pixels and were relatively quick to do. But these days you are talking about much higher res sprites that take longer to do.

    And if you're doing a 3 frame walk cycle with high res graphics, you are doing it wrong. So increase that to probably 6 - 12 frames instead if you want anything of decent quality that could even approach the frame count of 3D animation. And you seem awfully quick to forget that old commercial games took about as long to make as they do now. Lets take FF6 for example. There is very little actual sprite work done in the game since most of the sprites are actually edits of eachother to some degree, and the sprite are incredibly low-res.

    And there aren't even that many actions per character. This game took plenty of time be developed and cost plenty of money. It wasn't even that ambitious at all. That's peanuts. A good pixel artist could have all of those animations for a single character done in a few days.

    A single frame of animation for a sprite, to get it "just right" could take as much as 2 - 5 hours each, depending on quality control. Oh, and at ONE resolution which cannot be scaled well for other media, so better hope you've got your final resolution locked in by now.

    With the model, I could make thousand different animations and not have to re-model anything. So get your head out of your ass and stop assuming 2D is easy. Its NOT. The reason 3D is used extensively these days is because its quicker, more versitile, requires less planning ahead for viewing angles, and is easier to create. But good luck using that sprite for anything other than what it was explicitly created for.

    I fucking love 2D games, but I despite people who shun 3D completely. And I do believe the point the other person was making was for multiple camera angles, so not only do you have the directions, you also have viewing angles top, high, mid, low. You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you EVER drawn anything? You can really see you guys are such amateurs. A 6-frame walking animation cycle can be done in a day if you're good at it. Don't project your lack of talent onto the rest of the world.

    Can't you just cheat like hell, and use 3D modeling to make a lot of low-quality pre-rendred sprites, cutting down a lot on the processing load? Or am I talking out of my ass? Not do this for 10 - 20 characters. Now do it all over again for the 20 other animations each character has There aren't ANY professional animators that work that quickly for games.

    Why the fuck do you think these games take so long to come out? Hey faggot, adding up tons of requirements I didn't state is a good way of trying to win an argument huh? I was talking about one character. The fact you need to make more than one is besides the point for what point I was making, which is how long a single character would take. Also, we never agreed on multiple viewing angles. You with your 3D-addled brain think you need that, but I sure as fuck don't. And these days it is actually better to just use the original model if you're going to do that, unless its bizzarely high res.

    But the thing about turning 3D detailed art into sprites is that it creates a strange effect where the sprite looks detailed, but is moving in a stiff and cartoonish manner. Pretty much making it look like ass. I was just saying its retarded to just assume its "easy" to make sprites, because it is NOT. And think about this for a second. Say you did that 6 frame walk cycle in a day lets assume this is colored and all that since theres not point if it is not. You now have to do that same walk cycle the NEXT day for each movement direction.

    And then again for EACH character. And then when you are done with that, suddenly you have to do all the other actions the characters will take. Suddenly your "1 day walk cycle" doesn't even seem fast at all. I just do not agree with your idea that it is harder than 3D modelling artists do these days.

    For one character. For one action. For one movement direction. And at not very high quality. I don't see your point. I love this artists work though. Then you are beyond help. Enjoy your 3D. I sure as fuck don't. See that pic? Every character in Blazblue has several hundred sprites of this quality. Every movement and animation looks smooth.

    Do that for many more characters, and do that for 8 angles. Oh shit, that's several thousand sprites in total. Its just that 10 hours of work on a model will get you results that are usable in more situations than 10 hours of work on sprites. To a game developer on a budget that wants to get the most bang for their buck, it is pretty much a no brainer. By quality I meant resolution it is still very pixilated, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I even said I love this artist's work. Which I find hilarious that you keep ignoring that point so you can win the argument via "lol look at this 3d fag".

    Sorry dudes, it doesn't work that way. Just searched for "Symphonia dawn undub patch" because the current one fucks with the skits. Just think, with 3D technology they take the same time to make a Disney movie, as they did 60 years ago with traditional media. It's still a lot of work, and it looks like shit on top of it! Google constantly crawls 4chan it seems.

    Maybe because it's a high-traffic website. Get out. I'll stock up some more and give it another run with better supplies. Text search [? Place a - before a word to exclude posts containing that word: -tripcode Place quotes around phrases to find pages containing the phrase: "I am a filthy tripcode user" [ Advanced ].

    Advanced search Text to find Subject [? Leave empty for any. Username [? Leave empty for any user name. Tripcode [? Email [? Filename [? From Date [? View post. View page. Subject [? To Date [? All Posts OPs Only. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show non-deleted posts. Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. New posts first Old posts first. Posts Threads. Anonymous Sun Oct 24 No. Are you bullshitting me?

    No lag? Good Advice Sun Oct 24 No. Is there something wrong with me? Milfeulle is my Waifu! Sun Oct 24 No.

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    Shadow Hearts: From the New World by somebody special. It turned out to be not quite so trivial but since I already started looking into it Remember to enable subtitles in the options. As with SH2, the timing is sometimes rough.

    Movies are subtitled for non-Japanese speaking audience. And although being re-encoded, they look just as good as the originals. Due to lack of source material, only the music from P3 got these, but some of them are also used in Fes. And for those who prefer the original background music, I've also included a patch to restore it. The P3 'good' Ending music, "Memories of You" has also been replaced by its orchestral counterpart.

    Patch-Fei runme. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 by Fei. As usual, FMV's have English subtitles and although being rencoded, don't suffer from any quality loss. I decided to try it myself. All dialogues are back into original Japanese, CGs have hardsubtitles note they aren't really a translation, nether just a transcription from the US version.

    Known proplems: Game voices in-battle are in English, I know it's lame but I couldn't find a way to solve it by myself. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time by somebody special. I am expecting a swarm of cherubs singing my praises at any moment. Hopefully you all appreciate the work, but I really did it for myself anyway. There is one subplot conversation that is in English; I'm not sure why the voices for it don't exist in the Japanese game.

    You could name your charecter in japanise version, but the localisation team decided to cut this feature from the game and just dubbed MC's name as "Vanilla". I guess they where hoping that this would make the game more cinematic Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity by somebody special. I think everything is straightened out now but there's always a chance something is not perfect There are a small number of movies with dialog and no English subtitles.

    I suppose they could be hardsubbed, but I'm not going to do so. I did remux the story-intro video to include the English text. This introduced a brief stutter for me, but I think it's worth it. I promised myself I'll stop doing these but this trivial crap was bothering my HDD For some reason Konami saw fit to separate some audio from the main container and place it in the filedata binary which is encrypted, so the A-type Main chara voice was left english, use B-type instead.

    I nulled 3 files of dialogue that is assumably added content on the USA version since it was missing from the jap version data, don't look at me, blame the other guy. Didn't spend too much time on this and made some weird solutions with the few battle audio that was present, so if it freezes on some point, too bad since I don't care.

    I'm sure it doesn't but not like I actually tested it. I didn't feel like trying to map between them. In reality, it looks like they just didn't bother to dub some small stuff and consequently the English version has less voices total. This undub replaces the voices that still existed in the English version. In addition to fixing the voices, I also had to repair the event animations.

    Many of them had been modified to synchronize with the English voices, so were consequently out of sync with the Japanese Sorry, I couldn't get motivated enough to deal with those separately. I finished this easy undub a long time ago, but just now got around to releasing it Tales of Legendia by somebody special.

    There were some tricks required though, including modification of meta-data in the MPEG2 video data for the movie subtitles. Two of the movies have broken subtitles for technical reasons I didn't want to risk breaking them entirely, so you'll have to live with it. Tales of the Abyss v2. Unfortunately providing the JP skit voices was not enough to undo this. Figuring out what they changed took a lot of analysis, made extra annoying due to a large amount of localization changes compiled into the game Fortunately, I got fresh motivation every time I saw one of those mute skits; now you can thank me each time you hear one.

    Event, skit, battle and movie voices are now Japanese. Yes, the few movies lack subtitles; live with it. The temporarily missing voice bug in 1. For some reason tri-Ace felt the need for a baffling variety of encryption and deliberate obfuscation. In the end I implemented over a dozen decryption, compression and archiving methods It's possible that only the crazy tri-Ace developers will ever really appreciate the work this project required.

    Anyway, at long last, the event, movie and battle voices are now restored to Japanese. The beautiful CG movies include subtitles. Note that the game relies heavily on streaming data off the disc, so you must produce a quality burn or will experience problems. Wild Arms 4 by somebody special. As with WA5, there are a lot of unvoiced event scenes in the original game.

    Wild Arms 5 by somebody special. Even silly hex-squares are better than those auto battles! I don't know if I can go back Anyway, event, battle and movie voices are now Japanese. Note that there are a lot of event scenes without voices even in the original game. It's not my fault. First, I had to figure out how to extract the data files, which was the really easy part.

    Then, I had to identify which files were changed between the versions. Obviously, the movies and sound files were changed, but not all of the movies needed to be changed, and of the ones that needed Japanese audio, only a few were censored. Dealing with the censored movies was one of the toughest parts of the project.

    I made masks to cover the subtitles and to blur them out using the Delogo filter in Virtualdub and then I had to make subtitle scripts to put new subtitles back on the video. Interesting note: the ugly font in the game is Arial Black 27 bold. Forums New posts Search forums. Groups Public Events.

    Reviews Overview Official reviews. Downloads Latest reviews Search resources. Blogs New entries New comments Blog list Search blogs. Chat Top chatters. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

    Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in Register. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

    You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Editorial Team. Level Level 1. Finally it's dumped. Level 2. PrinceNOOB said:. Click to expand Slyakin See ya suckers Member. Level 4. Great game, hopefully. Undub to the rescue hopefully! Level 7. About time they dumped it. Alex Well-Known Member Member. Gaiaknight Well-Known Member Member. Should I try?.

    Now someone just needs to undub it before it's playable. Eighteen Well-Known Member Member. Website 3DGamelayer. Freudian Lemur said:. TheGreatNeko said:. Scott Bow to me. Level 8. I've been waiting so long for this! Level 3. StarCraft 2 an all.

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    Arc Rise Fantasia UNDUB - Wii Gameplay (Dolphin Ishiiruka) - Battles

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    Distort text in illustrator cs3 torrent Sun Oct 24 No. It's not that the dubbed version was horrible, but I have a problem with dubs in general. Also, Hiromi Konno. Star 8. Also, fuck the undub.
    Arc rise fantasia undub wii ntsc torrent Psyche 59 torrent
    Enter shikari take to the skies 320 kbps torrent I like watching movies in english too, even though it's not my main language. Something else is wrong, anyone got an idea? Anonymous Mon Oct click No. No lag? Anomynous Fri Oct 29 No. My motivation for this is gone now. I haven't gotten very far, and have completely avoided her because she is fat.
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    Arc Rise Fantasia [UNDUB Version] on Dolphin v2.0 - Nintendo Wii Emulator

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